Top stories: iOS 16.3 release, iPhone 15 Pro rumours, macOS tips and tricks, and more

Following last week’s hardware announcements, this week saw the physical release of several new products as well as operating system updates that deliver new features and bug fixes across Apple’s platforms. This week also saw some new rumors about the iPhone 15 lineup and Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset, while we shared some tips to help … Read more

The school board celebrates musicians and supports the expansion of the Assisted Learning program

The Edmonds School District Board of Directors at its January 24 meeting commended the student musicians, heard progress on the Alderwood Middle School improvement plan and heard recommendations for expanding the district’s educational assistance programs. The board honors six Edmonds School District musicians. Six students were awarded certificates for selection as All-Northwest and All-State musicians. … Read more

420 Recs Cash Only: Tracie Morrissey, Internet Sleuth and ‘Pot Psychology’ Host

This article was originally published Cash only. Sign up Newsletter here And follow the cash only payment on YoutubeAnd InstagramAnd Twitter. I can’t wait for the day Tracy Morrissey announces that she’s working on a memoir. Legend helped build (or refine) bankruptcyAnd JezebelAnd WidelyAnd VicelandTracie is the influential media voice who has undoubtedly shaped the … Read more

CWEB: Extensive bullish performance likely to continue (NYSEARCA: CWEB)

thinkhubstudio investment thesis KWEB and CWEB returned 96.36% and 245.09% in the 65 trading days between 10/24/2022 and 1/26/2023. The chart below shows that these massive returns were made without any major sell-offs. I expect this recovery to continue And it can continue, now and then with modest corrections, for at least half a year. … Read more

Do you hate self-checkout? Get ready for change you never expected before

Grace Carey / Getty Images There are those who always do it, who do it sometimes, and who would never consider such an insulting experience. More technically incorrect No, I’m not talking about attending an Apple launch event. I’m talking about choosing self-propulsion over the human kind. He has become a highly emotive subject, and … Read more

Canceled Madonna movie ‘already cost Universal Studios up to $12 million before gut check moment’

Madonna’s canned biography netted Universal an estimated $12 million, a Hollywood source EXCLUSIVELY told The US Sun. Universal Pictures canceled the project this week after the Queen of Pop, 64, announced a major world tour, though the decision is believed to have been made before then. 4 Madonna’s canned biography left Universal with less than … Read more

Nas: Hard Album Review | pitchfork

Nas follows up “Destroy & Rebuild” with “The Flyest,” a charming A-Z duo that’s massively produced and serves as a victory roll, but is, frustratingly, betrayed by the filler that comes after. stillThe original pressing included “Braveheart Party,” a song so clumsy and zany it makes Oochie Wally’s song sound like “Verbal Intercourse.” It was … Read more

Never Inch Review: Mike Pompeo as a ‘Heat-Seeking Rocket for Trump’s Ass’ | books

MPompeo is prescient, at least. In 2016, as a congressman, he warned Kansas Republicans about the danger posed by Donald Trump. Pompeo lamented that the United States had already endured more than seven years of “An authoritarian president who ignored our constitution– I mean, Barack Obama – and he warned that the Trump presidency would … Read more