A woman says her StubHub cost her $792 after trying to sell tickets

A TikTok user sparked a debate after claiming StubHub cost her nearly $800 after she tried to sell tickets on the platform.

According to user Jenni (@jenni.barrett), she initially bought tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour so she could see the artist with a friend. However, the friend mistakenly thought the concert was a different day. On the real date of the concert, they’ll be out of town.

Then Jenny decided to sell tickets on StubHub. However, while listing the tickets, I made a mistake.

“Apparently, when I listed it on StubHub, I accidentally converted the section number,” she explains. This mistake would eventually cost her nearly $800.

@jenni.barrett StubHub had no problem telling me “too bad, too sad” and taking my money for an honest mistake. We all know the profits don’t hurt them and to take almost $800 from their mom who begged them to give her back… incredibly cruel and greedy. Exceptions can be made and full refunds given. And at the end, as I cried, the manager literally said “Have a great night.” 💀 I hope TikTok will do something even though I’m a very young creator. #stubhub #corporategreed #fyp #foryoupage #momsoftiktok #luckygirlsyndrome ♬ original sound – Jenni

When tickets sold out, Jenny didn’t pay. Instead, the ticket sale was cancelled, and the tickets were returned to them. Jenny says she doesn’t know why this is happening.

“So today, I look at my email, and it says my sale incurred a fee, and they charged me $792 from my card,” Jenny reveals. “I didn’t get any money, so I thought, ‘Oh, sure that must be wrong.'” “

After contacting StubHub, Jenny learned that this was not an error and was in fact the result of her incorrect entry of the section during the listing process. StubHub also said they wouldn’t be willing to take a refund.

“They didn’t care at all,” Jenny recalls. “They didn’t care that I was a human being who accidentally made a mistake… Now, I have this charge that I can’t get rid of.”

“I just want StubHub to make it right,” she concluded.

In the text overlaying the video, she adds, “I’m a mom of two, one birthday next month. Everything is so expensive now and it seems like we can’t move on no matter what we do, now that $792 is gone.”

Some users speculated in the comments about how this happened.

In short, this policy appears to be buried in StubHub’s terms.

StubHub’s “FanProtect” guarantee states that the site will “make every effort to find replacement tickets if there is a problem with your order”.

According to their terms, StubHub refers to a seller’s inability to offer the said ticket in their listing as a “dropped sale.” A section in the seller’s policies explains how the company will handle declining sales.

If you drop the sale, we will charge your payment method an amount equal to (i) 100% of the price of the ticket(s) sold or (ii) the full amount incurred by us to compensate for the defaulted sale, including but not limited to late shipping charges or late delivery fees, reprint fees, shipping forwarding fees, the cost of replacing tickets or related passes, coupons, gift certificates, refunds, and other costs required to compensate a buyer or seller for their poor experience,” state the clauses.

It is possible that the Jenny charge was the result of this clause.

However, users on TikTok were upset with StubHub, with several users claiming Jenni should be refunded. Some even claimed they were in a similar situation.

“The same thing happened to me. I even tried to correct the error while it was happening. I even spoke to support and they told me I wouldn’t be charged, but unfortunately I was. There is no recourse,” one commenter claimed.

Many users have flagged StubHub in the comments section hoping to get a response.

@stubhub What’s wrong with all of you? Fix your company,’ said one commenter.

Another added, “stubhub sounds like blackmail to me.”

A third wrote: “stubhub fixed this before the explosion.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to StubHub via email and Jenni via Instagram and Facebook DM.


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*First posted: Jan 18, 2023 11:03 a.m. CST

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