Tech layoffs can be a boon for startups and entrepreneurs – GeekWire

(Bigstockphotos) A wave of layoffs at tech companies is flooding the job market with fresh talent. This trend raises questions about whether startups will benefit, and whether there will be a rush of new companies launched by Big Tech alums. The answer to the first question is yes. While some startups are feeling the effects … Read more

How venture capital’s lack of succession planning leaves large corporations without a future

From the kings of the past to the global CEOs of today – leaders have always had the idea of ​​succession on their mind. over that day; The average CEO lives for only five years. However, for many enterprising investors, the topic remains taboo. As the industry expands — European startup funding quadrupled from 2017 … Read more

The 2023 budget is expected to build on the reform agenda to ignite the engine of entrepreneurship and job growth.

Union Budget 2023-2024: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the fifth consecutive Union Budget on Wednesday (1 February). The previous two budgets were in light of the pandemic, and the Minister of Finance had to allocate fiscal space to support the immediate needs of the country. The Union Budget is one of the most long-awaited … Read more

Pathless Pharma land, $150 million; Impel is walking away with $104 million

Want to track the biggest startup funding deals of 2023 with our new curated list of $100 million in venture deals plus US-based companies? Check out our new Megadeals tracker here. This is a weekly feature that kicks off the top 10 funding rounds announced per week in the US. Check out last week’s biggest … Read more

20 food tech startups worth keeping an eye on, according to investors

European food tech startups raised $6.3 billion in 2022 — down from $10.9 billion in 2021, but ahead of 2020’s $3.2 billion. Grocery delivery company Getir’s $768 million Series E. The March 2022 raise came out on top as the biggest round of the year, according to Dealroom, and the Austrian food tech ecosystem made … Read more

Entrepreneurs Flee China’s Heavy Grip: ‘You Don’t Have To Stay There’

SINGAPORE – They left after the government cracked down on the private sector. They escaped the harsh “zero COVID” policy. They looked for a safe haven for their fortunes and families. They went to Singapore. Dubai United Arab Emirates; malta; London. tokyo; and New York—nowhere but their native China, where they felt their origins and … Read more

How this couple runs a mobile spa while raising six kids

Welcome to Money Talks, a series where we interview people about their relationship to money, their relationship to each other, and how those relationships inform each other. Nia Brown is a 30-year-old founder PrincessMe, a small black woman-owned business offering parties and services such as spa packages for kids. Her husband, Brandi, is a 34-year-old … Read more

I asked ChatGPT how to start a business and she gave me 8 steps that weren’t helpful

I asked the ChatGPT AI tool to help me start a business. The chatbot’s answers were generic and lacked important detail. But when I asked more specific questions, she catered her answers to the type of work. For more stories, go to Everyone is asking ChatGPT to do something for them – which is … Read more

10 entrepreneurs to look out for in 2023

Many entrepreneurs contribute to the growth of the Indian economy as well as creating employment opportunities for others. Hello Entrepreneurs has honored the top 10 entrepreneurs to look out for in 2023. – Akshay Kumar, Founder and Director, Bombay Gourmet Market Store Akshay’s rich experience of 10 years in the food hospitality industry helps him … Read more