How to save for retirement even if you go broke in your twenties

It’s never too early to start saving for the future. Invest your money. Stop buying coffee and avocado toast. Young working people have likely heard at least one of these pearls from relatives, personal finance gurus, random motivational social media accounts, and so on. But as any low-income twentysomething can confirm, what these warnings fail … Read more

5 things to know when filing season opens

Damercodec | E + | Getty Images This is an excerpt from the Personal Finance Team’s weekly Twitter space, “This Week, Your Portfolio.” Check out the latest episode hereand continuing every Friday at 11 a.m. ET. Tax season started on January 23rd. The IRS expects taxpayers to file more than 168 million returns, most of … Read more

Republic Bank & Trust: Real Estate Equity Review 2023

Founded in Kentucky, Republic Bank & Trust, also known as Republic Bank, is a financial institution with branches mainly in the southern and midwestern United States. The bank has 42 full-service banking centers and two loan-producing offices throughout Kentucky, southern Indiana, Florida, Tennessee and Ohio. Republic Bank and Trust Republic Bank offers personal and business … Read more

As recession fears loom, here’s what to do with your money to prepare

A woman shops for chicken at a supermarket in Santa Monica, California, on September 13, 2022. Abu Gomez | AFP | Getty Images For those who fear a recession, the only question is when. In fact, many economists and CEOs expect a recession on the horizon this year Related investment news A recession is traditionally … Read more

How to pick the best robo advisor for you

Though the investment markets continue to be scary, there’s some good news for anybody who is ready to put some money to work. Thanks to fierce competition among robo advisor firms, even beginning and small investors can now get top-notch portfolio advice and management at vanishingly low prices — in some cases, for free. Robo … Read more

MoviePass is being relaunched. Here what has changed

Image source: Getty Images What happened MoviePass expanded beta testing of its new subscription plans nationwide on Tuesday, according to A Advertising It was made on the company’s Twitter account. Anyone who was on the waiting list last summer can now use the service. There are currently four MoviePass plans available. Each plan includes a … Read more

3 ways your phone can save you time and money at the store

Image source: Getty Images Do they make phone calls anymore?! the main points Few of us leave the house without our phones, which makes it an ideal place to keep your shopping list. Use the retailer’s mobile apps to earn rewards and use digital coupons. Barcode scanners allow you to easily compare stores by scanning … Read more