Pamela Anderson Talks Sex Tape Saga – Rolling Stone

In the last years, It was the world of documentaries the A place for the cultural reappraisal of famous women being torn apart by the invisible hands of misogyny. A series of documentaries and investigative pieces surrounding Britney Spears, along with the fan-initiated #FreeBritney movement, brought the pop star’s austere period of restoration to an … Read more

Slash talks about a new book, childhood with Joni Mitchell, how he “stumbled into” playing the guitar, and why Guns N’ Roses is likely to be canceled in this day and age.

The Guns N’ Roses guitar slash god sure has lived a wild life, and if he wanted to write a rousing memoir filled with themes typical of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, dozens of publishing houses would surely give him an offer. Only the audio album GN’R Lies — who turns 35 this year … Read more

Yes, you have to be smart to play Jeopardy

This is a copy of Atlantic Ocean A daily newsletter that walks you through the biggest stories of the day, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best in culture. Sign up here. newly Risk The contestant lit up the show, claiming that it’s not really a good measure of a player’s intelligence. He’s … Read more

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill Hummingbird books are a favorite among Boston book aficionados Updated: 8:30 PM EST on January 27, 2023 Hide text Show version ♪ >> We want to get people out of their homes and talk about books, important things, and new ideas. >> Which is a better … Read more

Artists revive outdoor painting traditions to capture the Australian romance of the bush

Originating from the French Impressionist movement of the 1860s and popularized by Paris artists such as Claude Monet, the plein air (outdoor) painting technique developed when paints became available in tubes. In the 1870s, a group of Australian Impressionists known as the Heidelberg School famously gathered in the area of ​​Box Hill and Eaglemont to … Read more

ALISON BOCHOVE: The real reason Meghan Markle won’t stand by Harry after his new book

They are, as she famously tells it, like conjoined palm trees in a Montecito garden, deeply “connected”. Indeed, much of the mythology and “branding” of Harry and Meghan’s new charitable, post-royal life is built on this one central image: H&M, an inseparable intertwined unity, depicting their unique, rock-solid bond as existing on a higher emotional … Read more

The Academy is conducting a review after Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar sleep

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed Friday that it is “conducting a review of campaign procedures” in the wake of Andrea Riseborough’s surprise Oscar nomination for the small independent film “To Leslie.” The Academy released a statement on Friday regarding the campaign, though it didn’t mention “To Leslie” specifically. “The Academy’s goal … Read more

This new surprise jewel scrolling game looks like moshing through the battlefield

screenshot: Tango Gameworks Have you ever found yourself walking to the beat of a song you played? If so, you will likely feel bad Hi-Fi Rush. I’ve spent a few hours playing the rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks, and I’m glad you liked how satisfied you were with a game that more or less … Read more

Best Movies & TV (January 27-29)

infinity pool; poker face Photo illustration: an eagle. photo: neon; peacock Alexander Skarsgard, Natasha Lyonne, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy, oh my! It’s totally refreshing that this week’s recommendations have such a stacked lineup of actors (and crews behind the camera). There’s a new Brandon Cronenberg featurette from the Sundance premiere, with Skarsgård wearing a dog … Read more

The Mythical and the Magical – Longtime classmates team up to start a children’s book club

Author Adam Defoe Written by Wayne E Staff writer Adam Defoe feels that there is nothing more precious than watching his young child’s face light up as he reads a heartwarming original story about moose and otters. Wanting to share Adam’s gift of storytelling with other children, two childhood friends, Dan O’Connell and Red Allen, … Read more