University of Washington students flip the story of immigration in a new picture book

Returning home can mean different things to different family members—even mom and baby. In a new picture book called “This Is Not My Home,” a girl protests loudly and often when her mother tells her that they are moving from the United States to Taiwan to take care of the girl’s elderly grandmother. The girl, … Read more

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill Hummingbird books are a favorite among Boston book aficionados Updated: 8:30 PM EST on January 27, 2023 Hide text Show version ♪ >> We want to get people out of their homes and talk about books, important things, and new ideas. >> Which is a better … Read more

The Mythical and the Magical – Longtime classmates team up to start a children’s book club

Author Adam Defoe Written by Wayne E Staff writer Adam Defoe feels that there is nothing more precious than watching his young child’s face light up as he reads a heartwarming original story about moose and otters. Wanting to share Adam’s gift of storytelling with other children, two childhood friends, Dan O’Connell and Red Allen, … Read more

The book market in Italy increased by 13.3 percent during 2019

The 2022 Report from Italian Publishers, presented in Venice at the Morey School, shows gains during the pre-pandemic era, amid market shifts. The president of the Association of Italian Publishers Riccardo Franco Levi, left at the table on stage, prepares his annual report on market statistics to the 40th anniversary of Scuola per Librai Umberto … Read more

Secretary General: Presentation of a book with the names of Nazi victims is a call to fight cruelty

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that the Nazis tried to steal millions of Jews of their names before killing them during World War II — but upon opening a UN facility with the names of 4.8 million Holocaust victims, he said they had failed and everyone who was massacred ” He will never … Read more

“Blood” Review: By-the-Books Vampire Tale

For many decades, vampire stories have focused primarily on the cursed existence of these creatures, doomed to wander the nights alone forever, deprived of their humanity. However, while eternal, painful lives remain at the heart of vampire stories, vampires are also a perfect metaphor for drug addiction. After all, vampires struggle with cravings for darkness … Read more

Excerpt from the book: “The Nazi Plot”

Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch have previously explored dramatic conspiracies against political leaders in the bestselling The First Conspiracy (about a treason plot against General George Washington) and The Lincoln Conspiracy (about an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln at the start of his first term in office). In their latest book, The Nazi Plot: The … Read more

In Salman Rushdie’s new book, Stories of Tyrants | Smart news

Salman Rushdie’s latest book, Victory Citywill be released on February 7. Johnny Lewis via Getty Images Salman Rushdie is the prolific writer behind award-winning novels such as midnight kids And The Satanic VersesA new book is released. It hit shelves on February 7 — just six months after he was violently attacked by an assailant … Read more

Emma Roberts jokes that she wasn’t in book club with Lea Michele

Emma Roberts has played coy about whether her friend Lea Michele can read amid a long-running conspiracy theory that the “Glee” alum is mom. “The biggest misconception is that she can’t read,” Andy Cohen told Roberts of her former “Scream Queens” co-star on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday. Instead of stopping the rumor directly, … Read more