Yes, you have to be smart to play Jeopardy

This is a copy of Atlantic Ocean A daily newsletter that walks you through the biggest stories of the day, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best in culture. Sign up here. newly Risk The contestant lit up the show, claiming that it’s not really a good measure of a player’s intelligence. He’s … Read more

Best Movies & TV (January 27-29)

infinity pool; poker face Photo illustration: an eagle. photo: neon; peacock Alexander Skarsgard, Natasha Lyonne, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy, oh my! It’s totally refreshing that this week’s recommendations have such a stacked lineup of actors (and crews behind the camera). There’s a new Brandon Cronenberg featurette from the Sundance premiere, with Skarsgård wearing a dog … Read more

Natasha Lyonne on that accent and how acid made her see things clearer – Rolling Stone

during the session From reporting a feature in Peacock’s upcoming delightful puzzle series poker faceWe got a lot more material from creator Rian Johnson and star Natasha Lyonne than could comfortably fit. So as a bonus, we bring you some highlights from the rest of our conversation. Last week, Johnson got us deeper into the … Read more

‘Little staff’ justifiably revived during penalties: Oliphant

Justified: City Primeval star Timothy Olyphant spoke with Conan O’Brien about the shootout that happened during filming last summer. published Thu, Jan 26, 2023 14:03:11 -0600 by Ray Flock | latest update Thu, Jan 26, 2023 14:02:40 -0600 | Based on the feedback we got from our coverage Dave Andron & Michael’s dinner and the … Read more

Rian Johnson talks about “Poker Face” star Natasha Lyonne in his mystery masterpiece series

Rian Johnson must have known he was playing with fire, or hating the critics, when he likened the experience of making his new Peacock mystery series “Poker Face” to “making 10 little movies.” In case you didn’t know this, most critics and other people who appreciate television can’t stand it when authors try to differentiate … Read more

Fox News’ Benjamin Hall urges viewers to ‘never give up’ on emotional return to live TV

Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall urged viewers of “Fox & Friends” to “never give up,” as he returned to live television Thursday following the horrific attack that severely injured him while covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I think when you’ve been through something like I’ve been through, the highs, the lows, you have to … Read more

‘Velma’ and the Case of the Condescending Reboot

Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: NBC; HBO; Netflix The year isn’t even a month old, but already the 2023 TV Reboot Production System has delivered three high-profile specimens for public consumption. There’s Velma, the Scooby-Doo-inspired animated adult comedy on HBO Max that explores the origin story of one of Mystery Inc.’s most beloved characters; Night Court, a … Read more

DirecTV gets rid of Newsmax rather than pay new fees, angering Republicans

Newsmax is no longer on DirecTV, as the satellite video provider said today that it decided not to renew an expired deal due to Newsmax’s financial demands. “On multiple occasions we have made it clear to Newsmax that we would like to continue offering the network, but in the end Newsmax’s requests for price increases … Read more

Is Paul T Goldman based on a true story?

A new docuseries will leave you questioning reality. Documentary fans are used to delving into a bit of reality, but what happens when the viewer can’t tell if what they’re seeing is real? That may sound like an unpleasant viewing experience, but when it comes to Peacock’s new documentary series Paul T. GoldmanIncredibly gripping, hilarious, … Read more