Leader of abortion havens

Michael R Blood/AP Photo Where abortion rights grow – California implements abortion access policies intended to make it the nation’s primary resort for the procedure and an example for other like-minded states. Politico Reporting by Alice Miranda Olstein regarding new rules requiring health clinics at California public colleges and universities to carry abortion pills. It … Read more

Should I watch Nichols’ photo video? Advice from a trauma expert

As America prepares to release the video tonight of Memphis police killing Tyre Nichols, people should reflect on the shock of witnessing the disturbing video and the potential lasting effects. What is the effect of watching graphic videos of real-life violence? Dr. Amanda J. Calhoun, an expert in the psychological impact of trauma, says that … Read more

Inflation Is Starving America Out Of Nutrition: Gold / TIPP

It’s a new year, but some of the scares from last year still haunt Americans. Among their main concerns is the state of the economy. With the country in the grip of prolonged inflation, commodity prices have remained high for several months. Although food and fuel prices have fallen from record peaks, bloated rates still … Read more

Julie Bishop takes her fitness to the next level as she works on her yoga skills in the snow

Julie Bishop, 66, flaunts her fit figure as she performs a yoga stretch in the snow while on vacation in Colorado By Savannah Young for Daily Mail Australia published: 17:50 ET, January 27, 2023 | Updated: 17:50 ET, January 27, 2023 Julie Bishop ramps up her health and fitness streak while on a ski vacation … Read more

Mary Latham was a pioneer for Washington women in medicine

On May 7, 1905, Mid Mercantile, near Spokane, burned to the ground. A stable boy, Melville Logan, notices the fire while removing horses nearby. He recalls seeing a woman standing across from the blazing structure, fully clothed, silently watching, taking no action. Later, he told police her facial expression seemed more consistent with grim contentment. … Read more

Vermont’s largest healthcare union will nearly double in size

Support staff members at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington celebrate after they voted to join the union on Friday, January 27. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger The support and technician staff recruited by the University of Vermont Medical Center voted overwhelmingly this week to join other hospital nurses and technicians as part of … Read more

Bills addressing pig theft, funding for rural mental health advances in the House of Representatives on Friday

Utah lawmakers on Friday approved funding for two additional mental health crisis response teams for Cache County and Winta Basin. (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — House lawmakers wrapped up the second week of the ongoing legislative session by approving funding for mental health crisis reception centers … Read more

One simple idea that will make managing your weight easier over time: ScienceAlert

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and yet it’s the one most of us struggle to achieve. By the time the second or third week of January rolls around, many of us find it difficult to commit to the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight, or at least keep it … Read more

Jane Fonda, 85, The Queen of Workout Video Reveals She Kept Doing PUSH-UPS During Brutal Chemotherapy

She became the queen of the 80’s workout tape. And Jane Fonda, 85, revealed that she kept exercising even while undergoing brutal chemotherapy during her cancer battle last year. “Normally, I can do a push-up for a few minutes,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “When the chemo was in me, 30 seconds later, I would … Read more

Medical College of Idaho Administrator to Budget Committee: Housing remains a challenge for students

The University of Idaho College of Medicine program director told members of the Idaho Legislature’s budgeting committee on Friday that he continues to struggle with few in-state residence options for graduating students, contributing to Idaho’s longstanding problem of having the fewest physicians. per 100,000 people. The Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho Regional Medical Education … Read more