The child spent 36 days in the in-network neonatal intensive care unit. Why did the hospital next door send an invoice?

Brenna Kearney was seven months pregnant in December 2019 when she developed what she thought were bad flu symptoms. Her husband, Casey Trumble, drove her from her home in Chicago to the OB-GYN’s office at Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital in downtown. With her blood pressure suddenly rising and protein in her urine, she was … Read more

False confidence in blood pressure knowledge undermines care-seeking intentions – USC Schaeffer

Most Americans don’t know what 120-80 mm Hg means, but they think they do. Almost half of adults in the United States have high blood pressure (hypertension). In the long term, high blood pressure damages blood vessels, increases the risk of heart failure, and leads to other poor health outcomes, especially in patients with additional … Read more

Six questions the legislature will answer in this session

As the 2023 Texas legislative session intensifies, state lawmakers have a golden opportunity to ensure that more children are on the path to a bright future. The Legislature has more revenue available for investment than ever before – and a strong portfolio of bold ideas for kids has bipartisan momentum. As Texan children and families … Read more

The group starts conversations about improving healthcare in Kitsap

PORT ORCHARD — The first meeting of a new group of local elected officials, community representatives and healthcare officials took place Wednesday afternoon to discuss holes in the fabric of Kitsap’s healthcare system, giving rise to a daunting list of needs, problems and challenges. The large group, which was put together by Kitsap County Commissioner … Read more

Telemedicine promotion of the era pandemic study

An analysis of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California telehealth visits early in the COVID-19 pandemic indicates that addressing routine health concerns by phone or video is a safe and effective option in addition to in-person visits. The study published in American Journal of Managed Care, found low rates of follow-up care required at 7 days after … Read more

The end of the federal public health emergency is causing confusion for recipients and providers

With the end of the federal public health emergency, some Medicaid recipients may not be eligible for continued coverage. During this emergency, some Medicaid programs, including traditional Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Healthy Indiana Plan, have had hold on traditional rules that require updated paperwork and documentation to remain eligible for coverage. … Read more

WHO experts give possible end to the international COVID health emergency

After a huge wave of protests in the fall of 2022, China lifted most of its coronavirus restrictions – which were among the strictest in the world. In addition, Tedros noted that the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in China has led to a high death rate in the world’s most populous country, whose citizens are … Read more

International students have required upfront payment prior to emergency treatment in Queensland hospitals

International students recalled the frightening and stressful experience of being asked to pay hundreds of dollars upfront before treatment in the emergency departments of Queensland Public Hospitals. It has prompted advocates to call for a change in the hospital’s policy for billing students’ health insurance directly. the main points: International students are not eligible for … Read more

Commonwealth Magazine

At first During the pandemic, they pushed policymakers and service providers at the local, state, and national levels to rapidly expand the financial and technology infrastructure around telemedicine services. These coordinated responses were essential to ensuring sustainable, high-quality, high-quality care for patients across our nation. Massachusetts has specifically engaged several future-oriented telehealth services to better … Read more