No accusations of environmental crimes – NPA will not prosecute …

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has refused to prosecute a criminal case linked to the controversial Karpowership SA project. A case was opened in May 2021 by the Environmental Management Inspectorate (also known as the Green Scorpions) investigating environmental crimes. It is about Karpowership’s 2020 attempt to bypass the complex process of obtaining environmental permits. … Read more

‘Public Enemy Number One’: Hunted with Queensland Cane Frogs Volunteers | invasive species

The sun set southwest brisbane and Linda Kemper She walks into a paddock, pulling a plastic-lined shopping cart behind her and flashing a flashlight in front of her. Meters to her left, Jo Davies runs a parallel path in the gloom of the gathering, also carrying a custom carrier—a large bag of dog biscuits slung … Read more

California Winter Storms Boost Water Allocations to Cities: NPR

Flood waters cover a property along River Road. In Monterey County, California, the Salinas River burst its banks on January 13, 2023. Noah Berger/AP Hide caption Switch caption Noah Berger/AP Flood waters cover a property along River Road. In Monterey County, California, the Salinas River burst its banks on January 13, 2023. Noah Berger/AP SACRAMENTO, … Read more

How the Battle Over Snow Crabs Could Open Access to Arctic Oil

CNN – A legal fight in Norway over snow crabs could have major ramifications for access to oil in the Arctic. Norway’s Supreme Court this week hears a case over whether Latvian trawlers can catch snow crabs – a cold-water species whose leg meat is popular in countries such as the United States and Japan … Read more

Oil Refineries Release Water Pollution Near Communities of Color: NPR

Recent findings on contamination of waterways near oil refineries underscore the health and environmental risks. Ryan Kellman/NPR Hide caption Switch caption Ryan Kellman/NPR Oil refineries release billions of pounds of pollution into waterways annually, and that pollution disproportionately affects people of color, according to a new analysis of EPA regulatory data. Pollution includes heavy metals, … Read more

Where does Utah pollution come from? The study looks at magnesium in the united states

Magnesium Magnesium, the largest producer of magnesium in the United States, next to the Great Salt Lake in Utah, contributes up to 25% of the chemicals that help create fine particle pollution, or PM2. Northern Utah, Health. problems of vulnerable populations. The data was gathered from the first study of its kind in 2017 in … Read more

Is recycling really worth it? The system turned out to be far from perfect

Most Australians are good at sorting their waste into paper, plastic, glass and organics – but what’s the point of recycling? Doesn’t it all end up in a landfill anyway? Not quite – but the recycling system is far from perfect. Not all recyclables are created equal Did you know that metal and glass are … Read more

How to see blue butterflies in Palos Verdes, El Segundo

The endangered Palos Verdes blue butterfly. (Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy) Next to one of the busiest airports in the world, thousands of individual flights tend to take place each summer, hidden in plain sight. This is because Los Angeles World Airports, which governs LAX, handles more than just plane traffic. The agency also operates … Read more

An endangered fox has been seen in a California park for the first time since the 1930s

An endangered species was recently observed wandering through rocky, steep terrain near California’s Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for the first time in nearly a century. Trail cameras used by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have detected four sightings of at least one Sierra Nevada red fox near Taboose Pass from April … Read more

England’s coast faces ‘multiple threats’ from dredging, sewage and pollution | coastal lines

The Environment Agency has warned that dredging is likely to increase around the English coast, while pollution and sewage put increasing pressure on coastal ecosystems, and an increasing number of people are at risk of coastal flooding. A report by the agency’s leading group of scientists found that three-quarters of oyster waters around England failed … Read more