The first observation of de Broglie-McKinnon wave packets is made by exploiting a loophole in the 1980s theory

Leighton Hall, UC Creole Graduate Research Assistant, 22ms (left) and Dr. Ayman Abu Rudi. Credit: University of Central Florida UCF Optics and Photonics researchers made the first observation of de Broglie-McKinnon wave packets by exploiting a loophole in laser physics theory in the 1980s. The paper was published by CREOL and Florida Photonics Center of … Read more

Quantum physicists determine how to control two quantum light sources instead of one

Illustration of two slides comprising two entangled quantum light sources. Credit: Peter Luddell In a new breakthrough, researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum, have solved a problem that has been causing quantum researchers headaches for years. Researchers can now control two quantum light sources instead of just one. As … Read more

The team uses quantum sensors to detect how optical currents flow to Lowell

A team of researchers at Boston College discovered that the photocurrent flows (shown in blue) along the axis of a single crystal of a Weyl semi-metal and flows out (shown in yellow/orange) along the vertical axis, represented here as the result of a new technique the team developed using quantum magnetic field sensors. To visualize … Read more

Isotopic research shows the solar system is made of ‘a not-so-good mix of cake mix’

A thin section of a meteorite under a microscope. Different colors represent different minerals, because light travels through them in different ways. The round mineral aggregates are chondrocytes, and are a major component of primitive meteorites. Credit: Nicole Zeke Ni. Earth’s potassium reached by Meteorite Delivery Service finds new research led by Nicole Ni and … Read more

The study investigates coherent manipulation of electron spin in silicon

Electrons in silicon experience coupling between their spin (up and down arrows) and valley states (blue and red orbitals). In the presence of a DC voltage (blue glow) the electron can undergo coherent spin-valley oscillation. Image credit: Mike Osadcio. In recent years, many physicists and computer scientists have been working on quantum computing technologies. These … Read more

The study demonstrates a new method for searching for meV dark photons

(Left) A dilution refrigerator used to achieve a background-free quantum one-electron cyclotron. (Top right) The silver pen trap within which the single electron will be suspended. (Bottom right) Demonstration of the analysis of quantum cyclotron states. A microwave drive is applied to induce transition. Credit: Xing Fan. About 85% of the mass of our galaxy … Read more

Astronomers confirm the age of most distant galaxies using oxygen

Image of galaxy GHZ2/GLASS-z12 with associated ALMA spectrum. ALMA’s deep spectroscopic observations revealed a spectral emission line associated with ionized oxygen near the galaxy, which has been shifted in its observed frequency by the expansion of the universe since the line’s emission. Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA/T. Treu, UCLA/NAOJ/T. Bakx, Nagoya U A new study led by a … Read more