Generation Z is embracing dumb-faced phones, and it’s a smarter life hack than you think

Getty Images Generation Z, the first generation that grew up as smart technology evolved from novelty to everyday pocket accessory, flips text and streams to the heart of phones. With each new generation of smartphones, companies like Apple and Samsung introduce an arsenal of more advanced features that all include bigger, brighter screens for our … Read more

Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, quoted MLK’s layoff note

The head of a San Francisco cloud computing company was widely mocked on social media when she sent an email to employees announcing layoffs while quoting the late Martin Luther King Jr. PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada came under fire for being “deaf” after she sent a 1,669-word long email to her employees announcing that the … Read more

Why IT asset management should include sustainability

Embedding sustainability into asset lifecycles is a natural way for organizations to reduce e-waste, support environmental mandates, and save money. Today’s CIOs and their teams must consider ways to help reduce costs and achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. One area that can help them do both is IT Asset Management (ITAM) which helps … Read more

The expansion of the telecom sector needs skilled specialists in 5G networks

With mobile network companies rolling out 5G in 50 major Indian cities, the telecom sector is set to boom with a plethora of job opportunities for engineering graduates looking to build a career in telecom and allied sectors. According to Delhi-based talent solutions company NLB, last year there was a 15-20% rise in demand for … Read more

How cutting-edge AI tools are remaking history

Rarely a month goes by without new reports A forward-looking and independent system capable of changing our future. What we don’t hear much about is the increasing use of artificial intelligence to examine our past. Historians, archaeologists, musicians, and data scientists deploy AI to reimagine and recreate historical moments. Like many anecdotes from the evolution … Read more

EdTech study game approach Aces Med school test curve

Advancements in educational technology, or EdTech, come from changes in approach in the wake of shortcomings. Innovative education technology can adapt existing tools or create new ones to help people overcome learning obstacles. King of the Curve (KOTC) is an edtech startup with a focus on helping alleviate a looming shortage of physicians. KOTC combines … Read more

10 challenges in adopting project portfolio management

Portfolio management is an approach used by organizations to centralize the methodologies, processes, and techniques used by their project management teams and create shared enterprise-wide project management. Centralized PPM management of projects brings many benefits to the organization, including better decisions about evaluating and prioritizing proposed projects, improved visibility into the status of all projects … Read more

HP Envy x360 13 vs. Dell XPS 13: The Best Small Laptop?

The laptop market is starting to tilt towards 14-inch laptops and away from 13-inch laptops, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great examples of the latter. The Dell XPS 13 9315 and HP Envy x360 13 are suitable models. Both laptops are relatively affordable and offer great performance and great builds and amenities. But only … Read more

Quantum Could Solve Countless Problems—And Create New Ones

One of the secrets to building the world’s most powerful computer is probably perched by your bathroom sink. At IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York State’s Westchester County, scientists always keep a box of dental floss—Reach is the preferred brand—close by in case they need to tinker with their oil-drum-size quantum computers, … Read more