Find a new target in Veteran Treasures

Glenn Young

It sure is a new year and there are plenty of new books to appreciate, with more coming soon. But it’s also a time to look back on some literary treasures from the past.

One of these gems is Lebi’s “Sierra Madre Treasure”. When the most honest rewards are at hand.

Traven, pseudonym, was most likely a German radical whose politics led to a death sentence before he escaped, eventually making his way to Mexico, where he set this book, as well as his six “Jungle” novels.

In “Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” also made famous by a John Huston film starring Humphrey Bogart, Dobbs, an American slumper in the Mexican interior tries to solve “that old problem” that plagues many depressions: “How can I get some money?” right Now?”

After some begged to pay for the meal, he lit up for the oil fields and was promised work, but in every camp he heard the same news: “No work, and the prospects are far from promising.” That is until he meets Pat McCormick, a conniving American drifter who promises steady work rigging oil camps.

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