John Paul Jones needed only 7 words to describe John Bonham’s drumming skills

John Bonham remains one of rock’s most revered drummers years after his death. One could argue that Led Zeppelin could have been a very different band without Bonham’s heft, and they’d be right. Bonham’s vision for his drums was evident in scores of Zip’s tunes, and the band relied on his powerful playing to give them a harder edge. This is why Led Zeppelin could not replace him and continue until his death. At times, John Paul Jones criticized bassist Zeb Bonham, but he also needed only seven words to praise his partner’s skill in the rhythm section.

Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones (in the background) and John Bonham | Michael Butland/Getty Images

John Paul Jones criticized John Bonham more than once

Bonham received some criticism for his drumming before he became famous. His drum teacher never thought him very good, but kept working with him. However, the self-taught Bonham soon established himself as an in-demand drummer in the Birmingham, England area as a teenager.

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