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Korg Dreamlog: What is it?

First announced in January 2021, Drumlogue is – now eagerly awaited – a percussion-focused addition to Korg’s popular Minilogue, Minilogue XD and Monologue.

On paper, there is definitely a lot that sounds exciting about Drumlogue. This is a hybrid drum machine that combines an analog percussion synth, a multitrack sample engine and a “Multi-Engine”, an open source digital oscillator that can be retrofitted with custom effects and synthesizers. Now that we finally have our hands on it, does it live up to the hype?

We were a little surprised at how small it was in the body. While none of the other tools in the range are huge, per se, they are all substantial, with a good selection of controls spread across wide interfaces. Previous images have hinted at a relationship with the volume of the monologue, but it’s actually teasing out “minor synth” territory.

(Image credit: Future)

While some will undoubtedly appreciate how small it is, we’re not sure being the smallest in the range serves Drumlogue any preferences. In fact – and let’s get this out of the way early – we’re not huge fans of hardware in general. This small size means that a lot of the features are hidden behind multi-page menus and shift presses – and some of them are implemented a little clumsily. Added to this is the choice of a mostly black design, written in small white and gray font — the latter used for shift functions that become almost unreadable in anything other than bright, direct light. The buttons work better, being backlit, and the bright screen is a huge help.

It works much better in terms of connectivity. Along the back panel, we get six individual addressable outputs as well as a headphone output. It is accompanied by an audio input, analog synchronous input and output, MIDI in and out, and two USB ports – one for connecting to a DAW, and a second for connecting a USB MIDI device.

(Image credit: Future)

Korg Dreamlog: Performance and Judgment

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