Monrovia Nursery joins the ThinkPlants perennial breeder network

ThinkPlants, which continues to provide and represent exceptional genetics as well as promote a high quality and proven supply chain to the North American nursery industry, announces a new member. Monrovia Nursery joins its network of breeders, growers and suppliers. This new addition to the ThinkPlants family continues to expand the growing portfolio of genetics and expand the reach of ThinkPlants, its suppliers and customers in the North American market.

Monrovia Nursery which is headquartered in Azusa, California, with nursery locations in Dayton, Oregon; Visalia, California; Cairo, GA; And Granby, CT, is the latest addition to ThinkPlants’ growing list of participants. “The Monrovia Arboretum has long been known for its exceptional introduction of plants,” said Joy Wiseman, Director of ThinkPlants. “We feel proud to now help them increase sales on some of their phenomenal perennials.”

ThinkPlants will help represent and promote previously exclusive perennials, with unrooted cuttings produced in Danziger Guatemala, and will now be available for industrial use without trademark restrictions. “I’ve watched the ThinkPlants initiative grow,” says Jonathan Pedersen, president and CEO of Monrovia Nursery. “I am delighted to be among the industry’s leading breeders and producers who are also participating. I hope Monrovia perennials can help enhance the mix of great varieties already being promoted with this group.”

The addition of Monrovia’s ThinkPlants membership follows other new member additions Royal Van Zanten, Gulley Greenhouses and Headstart Nursery. Group members also include Danziger, Syngenta Flowers, James Greenhouses, Terra Nova Nurseries, Kapiteyn, Unex Inc, Green Circle Growers, Creekside Greenhouses, Kieft Seed and new Kiwiflora genetics. “We continue to feel excited about ThinkPlants and the companies and products we help represent,” Weissman said. “We are a group of independent and well-established breeding and production companies that strive to help members build comprehensive offerings backed by high quality and trustworthy supply chains.” Each ThinkPlants associate brings expertise in plant breeding, horticulture, technical support, supply chain, and sales and marketing. It is the strength of these companies working together, which creates such a powerful resource for the North American incubation industry.

About Monrovia Nursery Company: Monrovia Nursery has been a pioneer and master in the art of growing plants for nearly 100 years, ever since its founding in Southern California by Harry Rosedale, Sr. in 1926. Monrovia has separate nurseries in various plant-delivery areas around the country. Monrovia itself grows more than 4,000 different varieties for every landscape need and every region. Monrovia is also known for its many new and unique plant introductions, and the brand that means quality to growers, landscapers, and consumers. Learn more about Monrovia Nursery here.

ThinkPlants™ participants are a dedicated team, including plant breeders and other horticultural experts, seamlessly connected to the supply chain. This gives ThinkPlants™ an innovative plant offering to consumers and the North American nursery industry. ThinkPlants™ offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding a diverse blend of enhanced plant genes, with a healthy supply chain of high quality URC, barefoot, and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between farmer and supplier.

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