New rules have been proposed in Oregon to increase access to electrolysis

New proposed electrology rules in Oregon seek to lower barriers to becoming an electrologist, to reduce the waiting time of up to two years for hair removal for transgender individuals seeking sex reassignment surgery.

There are about 78 licensed electricians in Oregon, and there are no electrician schools currently accepting new students.

The new rules will allow for a new path to licensing through a 600-hour electrology training program at any licensed body arts facility. Interns will obtain a temporary license while working directly under the supervision of an approved supervisor.

The rules will also make it easier for individuals licensed in other states to obtain an electrician’s license in Oregon.

Transgender individuals seeking sex reassignment surgery usually first get hair removal prior to surgical procedures. But there is a one- to two-year waiting period for such electrolysis in Oregon due to a lack of providers, according to the proposal document.

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