One Planet forces Star Wars to tell a new kind of Jedi story

Star Wars has a lot of dynamic and fascinating planets, but in Jedha, the adventures of the Jedi become companion cop stories in ways not seen anywhere else in the franchise.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic #4!in star Warsusually there is no authority higher or more powerful than Jedi order, But it turned out that during the time of the Supreme Republic, even those who had the power of force and the authority of the Republic on their side had to tread lightly on Planet Jedha. The unusual political dynamic that existed there not only forced the Order to exist on the planet, but also hindered their actions, turning the typical stories of the Jedi Knights into something different.

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Jedha was also known as the Pilgrim Moon. Orbiting the planet NaJedha, the satellite was home to some of the first civilizations in the galaxy, who explored the meaning and potential of the Force. This made it a sacred place for all Force users and during the High Republic period it was a gathering place for many different Force religions. The Call of the Force was a council of representatives from various Force traditions from across the galaxy, such as the Church of the Force, the wizards of Tend, and the Disciples of Wales. Because of the planet’s importance and the assembled council of desperate and sometimes polar opposite factions, the ancient Jedi Order had no recourse but to send representatives to the Pilgrim Moon not only to represent their interests but to help keep the peace among the existing power users.

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However, as shown in Star Wars: The Supreme Republic #4Written by Cavan Scott and Andrea Brocardo, this is often somewhat difficult because the Jedi of the High Republic have no real power or special political status over Jedha. After a mysterious explosion and the death of an archivist from the Kyber Temple, Jedi Knight Feldar Mack and Padawan Mati Cathly find themselves tied up in their investigations and forced to tread gently through the ever-changing political chaos of different churches and traditions. This dynamic is unique to Jedha, as the Jedi Order simply wouldn’t operate in a system over which they have no authority. But since there is a Call to Force and the Order of Jedi finds itself just one tradition among many, it must maintain its presence there. Having power greater than that of the Order restricts the freedom of movement and enforcement that the Jedi are known to possess throughout the long history of the Old Republic.

Jedha turns Jedi into friendly cops

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This establishes a situation that we don’t see very often star Wars Stories – Two Jedi who are prevented from doing their jobs by political and bureaucratic red tape. In a sense, it feels more like an ’80s buddy cop movie than a traditional one star Wars The story, with two rogue officers from the peace trying to solve a murder, even though their superiors don’t believe their theories about who is innocent and who is guilty. Because of this, they commanded justice “let her go” And “Don’t do anything stupid.” However, it is very similar lethal WeaponRiggs and Murtaugh, two rogue officers disobey orders and set out to prove themselves right. Even the names of the story’s two protagonists, Mac and Matty, sound more like characters in a buddy cop movie than a wise old Jedi.

Jedha is a unique setting for the Star Wars stories

Jedi Buddy Cop movie

Regardless, this setting has a lot of potential to give fans a unique and exciting new kind of story rarely seen in a galaxy far, far away. Thanks to the existence and political dynamics of Jedha’s sacred moon, the Grand They are stripped of the inherent power they possess over the rest star Wars Canon, making this era and planet the perfect setting for the lightsaber-wielding friendly cop stories.

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