What we learned from the 2023 NFL playoffs, Day 2: Cowboys fold again, Bengals dangerous

The next wave of the NFL playoffs has swept us. The divisional round kicked off Saturday with a pair of regular-season games — the two leaders edge out the Jaguars with a touchdown strike by Patrick Mahomes, and the Eagles edge out the Giants for a sweep of the 2022 series. On Sunday, the AFC … Read more

Canada’s Energy Transformation Act sparks contention in the heart of the oil region

(Reuters) – In Canada’s western oil patch, debate rages over federal government legislation aimed at helping a fossil fuel-powered workforce transition to a greener economy, but union and community leaders warn against politicizing a Just Transition Bill that obscures workers’ needs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is expected to introduce its long-awaited workforce transition … Read more

Dragonfly Test on Titan, New Nuclear Missile, Shadow Realm

Titan Dragonfly comes together, NASA studies a new type of nuclear rocket, gets more warning of solar flares, and quantifies carbon emissions from space. Titan helicopter starts to work together A nuclear powered helicopter called Dragonfly is coming to Titan soon. The mission is planned to launch in 2027, so we’re starting to see it … Read more

A new propulsion system could levitate vehicles into Earth’s upper atmosphere

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that NASA also does atmospheric research, too. Although the US space agency is usually seen as the province of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US space agency also has a vested interest in exploring our atmosphere and in the technologies that enable us to do so. As … Read more

New nanoparticles provide treatment at the brain level and unlock the Alzheimer’s gene

summary: Researchers have developed a new family of nanocapsules that are able to carry CRISPR gene-editing tools to different organs of the body before they degrade harmlessly. The capsules were able to enter the brains of mice and successfully edit a gene associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison Gene therapies have the potential … Read more

Crypto tax loophole beats America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

Better luck next time, bud.picture: MPH Pictures (stock struggle) A major US wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support failed in last-minute negotiations in Congress, Because the lawmakers could not agree to close a huge tax loophole that benefits cryptocurrency traders. legislation, known as Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), it would allocate $1.3 billion annually … Read more

Doctors in Congress are looking for a permanent fix for Medicare payment problems

House doctors want to revamp how Medicare pays doctors, which could give health care providers a pay boost in the coming years. Lawmakers with medical backgrounds say the time is right and they are in key positions in this Congress to end what has become an annual frustration of avoiding billions of dollars in Medicare … Read more

UPMC Northwest has an opening for a full-time Behavioral Health Consultant :: ExploreClarion.com

Seneca, Pennsylvania (EYT) – UPMC Northwest currently has an opening for a Behavioral Health Consultant in Seneca. Behavioral health counselor Job ID: 185283388Status: Full time Regular / Temporary: RegularWorking Hours: Essential day shift role (usually no weekends)Shift: working dayFacility: UPMC NorthwestDepartment: Behavioral Health PatientLocation: 100 Fairfield Drive, Seneca PA 16346Union position: noSalary Range: $19.47 to … Read more

Could the actual superfood be…a cheese sandwich?

Dr Jacqueline Rewarth is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lincoln, PhD in Soil Science (nutrient cycling) and Director of Ravensdown, DairyNZ and Deer Industry NZ. Opinion: Those of us of a certain age remember the idea from school and the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Since then we have … Read more