“Pure Vegetable Scoreboards Are Offensive And Inclusive”: Sparks Controversy Tweet

The tweet was vigorously discussed on the platform. (representative)

New Delhi:

A Twitter user’s post stating that “pure vegan” signboards in restaurants are “offensive” and “not all inclusive,” left the internet divided. In her tweet, the user wrote, “All ‘pure veggie’ labels across food outlets are offensive and inclusive. Blatantly indicating that other food preferences are ‘impure’ and legitimizing discrimination against people with diverse preferences.”

The tweet gained traction on the platform and drew a number of mixed reactions. Some suggested that the Twitter user misinterpreted the meaning of the mention, and that there was no problem.

Vegetarians feel comfortable eating pure vegetables. So what’s the problem? Non-vegetarian eating is not prohibited from the same. “It’s the extra comfort zone given to people who prefer veggies,” one user wrote.

“So it would be more inclusive if the restaurant didn’t advertise but refused to serve non-vegetarian items?? Next, you’ll say that boards announcing the need to abolish men’s and women’s toilets, being discriminatory among them?!” read a comment.

A few users have tried to explain what “purely vegan” means. “Pure ghee does not mean the other ingredients are impure. It means there is no adulteration. Pure ghee means it was made in a non-vegetarian kitchen,” one person wrote.

Another person said, “I have always thought of pure veg restaurant signs as telling vegans that you can safely eat here without thinking too much about everything and how it is made in this restaurant and telling non-veg that we do not serve non-veg so find another restaurant and save.” your time.”

“This is like invoking a blank placard. Pure veg refers to vegetarian food, that’s it. Pure means no mixing of oil, lard, or other invisible elements of meat. It’s still wrong to make a distinction based on religion/caste, but in this , it’s just Indian English,” reads one of the comments.

Another user entered to say, “I get your point. But technically ‘Pure Veg’ doesn’t mean all other foods are impure. That term was ‘pure food.'”

“Better to offer in advance than every person to come and ask..and how eating non-vegetarian food is a choice. Eating vegan food and running vegan-only restaurants is also a personal choice.. you can’t deny it.

So, what do you think of that?

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