Rising to the Challenge – Collaborative Special Edition 2023 BJSM – AMSSM

Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic turned lives around the world, doctors in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) have demonstrated resilience, strength, creativity and motivation to tackle the long-term social, economic and cultural challenges of the pandemic. As we embrace a new “normal,” it’s a huge pleasure to have British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) and the American Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) Advance 2023 BJSMThe AMSSM Collaborative Problem. Our goal in developing this issue is to complement the AMSSM Annual Meeting and to share some outstanding work from US and international experts.

Student-athlete mental health and well-being

The highlight of this release is a consensus statement based on the recent NCAA Summit on Student and Athlete Diversity Mental Health and Wellbeing that focuses on the mental health needs of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) student-athletes of color.
(see page 137)
. In a related field, a systematic review explores whether cardiovascular prescreening outcomes are associated with psychological distress in athletes
(see page 172)

Core SEM topics

Several editorials present a variety of core SEM topics, starting with an article from the incoming AMSSM Chair (Dr. Marcy Goolsby) and the AMSSM 2023 Program Planning Committee Chair (Dr. Melissa Novak) that reflects on how the SEM clinician and AMSSM as an organization can rise to the challenge to meet the needs of patients
(see page 130)
. The editorials also deal with recognizing and preventing smallpox (monkeypox) in sports
(see page 133)
Guidance on improving health equity through the umbrella
(see page 131)
and considerations for the use of osteopathic biologics in patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system
(see page 179)
. The compelling commentary also examines the difficult question of when exercise can be excessive and harmful, providing new insights into how athletes who engage in unhealthy behaviors and exercise can easily be ignored.
(see page 134)

The original research studies are distinct and include investigations examining training patterns in distance runners
(see page 146)
Consequences of distance running in relation to the relative lack of energy in sports among female cross-country athletes
(see page 153)
Competition risks in wrestlers trying to lose weight quickly before a competition
(see page 160)
and the health extent and burden of chronic diseases associated with American-style professional football players
(see page 166)

We are proud to present two notable services in this issue. The first highlights how two physicians-in-training set up a specialized teaching clinic to care for the unmet musculoskeletal needs of an under-resourced population in their community.
(see page 185)
. The second is a great example of the importance of connecting our cultures through orthopedic humanitarian initiatives
(See page 183)
. This issue also includes an infographic that focuses on workload considerations in the throwing athlete
(see page 181)
. Finally, the Patient Voice essay is an inspiring journey of a high school volleyball athlete who embraced hope overcoming the many challenges of prolonged concussion recovery.
(see page 186)

Join us at the AMSSM Annual Meeting

We look forward to the AMSSM Annual Meeting April 28 to May 3, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ. Hope this is AMSSM-BJSM The issue introduces the theme and goal of the AMSSM Annual Meeting, “Rising to the Challenge.” The AMSSM Collaborative Research Network is also holding a Advance Research Summit on Justice, Equity, and Inclusion on April 28. Other highlights include health equity, mental health challenges, and the role of exercise in injury recovery, as well as the annual bootcamp for medical students and residents and a round robin session on athlete care spanning 20 different sports.

As members of the global SEM community, the pandemic remains a catalyst for the opportunity to positively impact patients with effective policy implementation, public health and diverse perspectives through an international medium such as BJSM. We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix in anticipation of another stimulating and informative AMSSM Annual Meeting!

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