Rob Woodcox depicts the universe in which he wants to live

Drawing little universes on any scrap of paper handy as a child, he “fell in love with fantasy”. Not straying from these early beginnings, as an adult, he became “fiercely dedicated to keeping this fantasy alive”. Collaborating with teams of dancers, installation artists, and body painters, today he creates large-scale worlds; The fractal patterns of the dancers are in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Lyrics by Ella Liakos

Photo by Rob Woodcox

“I have had these two rebirths in my life.” Rob gets involved, and goes out on a lunch date with his friends in Mexico City where he lives.

“One of them was adopted, which I don’t remember, because I was a kid. But it was a process that definitely shaped my entire childhood and outlook on life. The other one was coming out as an outsider.” He remembers his adoptive family telling him “We chose you, we love you”.

“That was such a powerful gift for me, because I remember thinking, I belong in this world because someone chose me.” The perspective she gave him on love and communication can be seen visually and in the titles of the Dancer series, “Unity”, “Interconnection” and “Love Not Lost”.