STAIDIUM OTT platform to bring AI-powered production to amateur sports in the United States

Germany-based SPORTTOTAL has launched a new OTT platform in the US called STAIDIUM designed to solve a problem facing smaller leagues and the amateur sports traffic: an end-to-end content capture and distribution platform built with T-Mobile to reach fans in an easy and affordable way.

Peter Lauterbach, CEO of SPORTTOTAL AGThere is a long way to go, he says, but the partnership with Deutsche Telecom and T-Mobile has laid a unique technology foundation.

“We come with the complete package, and we’re totally excited,” he says. “And we have high-quality technology that users can rely on.”

The SPORTTOTAL camera system contains three lenses and one microphone, as well as a built-in 5G hotspot.

The core of the value proposition to users is the distribution and installation of FREE SPORTOTAL camera systems that contain three cameras and lenses, a microphone, and a built-in T-Mobile 5G hotspot that will broadcast sports content directly to the STAIDIUM OTT display. And while it may sound like a misspelling, the AI ​​is very intentional like the company.

We chose to use artificial intelligence [for the spelling] Because AI is 100 percent driven,” says Lauterbach. “In Germany, for example, we have 1,000 match capture systems and only two people are required to monitor these systems. We broadcast over 25,000 matches a year and two people can take care of it unless we have a rare camera technical issue. But the rest is based on AI: graphics, analytics, streaming, and everything else.”

SPORTTOTAL’s camera and artificial intelligence technologies support more than 25,000 football matches annually in Germany.

The goal, he says, is to give semi-pro sports leagues and teams an opportunity to capture their competitions for a variety of needs, including distribution to fans, training, and player analysis for everything from match preparation to recruitment. At the core of the show is a single camera system that has three lenses and one microphone and uses artificial intelligence to track things like the ball and players. STAIDIUM will install the single camera for free at the ideal location (usually 5-10m above the center of the field) and then local commentary can be added via the XLR input. Recording data from local scoreboard operations can be incorporated.

“You can also make commentary from your living room so that each fan can be a commenter on their own channel,” Lauterbach adds. “We could have a fan interaction channel in addition to the live chat functionality. It’s an interactive system that allows everyone to participate.”

STAIDIUM will be managed by Dallas-based Global Sports Platforms (GSP), and veteran CEOs David Cochran and Kevin McLaughlin will lead the company’s efforts in the US. Cochran believes the comprehensive system will be compelling to both consumer needs as well as business-to-business.

“The consumer side is the typical broadcast service, PPV or on demand, while the B-to-B side is for scouting and recruiting,” he explains. We believe we can help with the latter and boost a very fragmented market. Everything up to this point in that area had been fragmented up to this point.”

Cochran says the initial launch will be hockey fields and that STAIDIUM expects cameras in American sports arenas at all levels, from youth to professional. It aims to build on the growth that SPORTTOTAL has seen in Europe, where the company has broadcast over 35,000 live events and has broadcast rights to over 200 competitions.

The STAIDIUM platform plans to offer highlights for each game and player, edited together using artificial intelligence as well as real-time statistics and state-of-the-art analytics. Player profiles, which enable athletes, coaches, and scouts to easily track and measure individual performance, will be part of the offering later this spring when STAIDIUM launches as a standalone app on iOS, Android, and most smart TVs. Customers will be able to choose from season subscriptions or pay-per-view options, with analytics add-ons for coaches, scouts and individual players.

Kasar Masood, SPORTTOTAL, Vice President, Digital Technologysays the system provides flexibility to post whatever the team or league (or individual) demands.

“We could have an individual website for a particular school, or we could have an association or district website,” he explains. “This flexibility mainly comes through our approach of offering a white-label OTT platform.”

The AI ​​system can also learn new sports, taking about 10 games of information to start building typical AI logic that can get the job done.

“There are subtle differences between sports and team sports that are easier to make,” he adds.

McLaughlin, Head of Development, STAIDIUM/GSPHe says this is an exciting time and opportunity for those involved in playing, training, and watching sports in the United States.

“Athletes, coaches, clubs, leagues, facilities, fans and parents will now have the latest technology to positively experience real entertainment and development options.” SPORTTOTAL’s more than 40 years of international experience, industry-leading cameras, and unique and cutting-edge embedded AI technology, combined with T-Mobile and the nation’s largest 5G network, combine to make STAIDIUM the most cutting-edge and innovative sports broadcasting and solutions platform available today.”

The company already has one beta site on board, Ice Zone in St. Louis. STAIDIUM has created a platform that provides a best-in-class experience for spectators, athletes and coaches, says Lloyd Ney, owner of Ice Zone.

“By leveraging next generation AI and embedded 5G network technology, STAIDIUM will transform sports broadcasting in the North American market,” he says. “Ice Zone will work with the STAIDIUM team as a pilot facility to improve product delivery, develop reliable analytics models, and create the best streaming experience for end users.”

SPORTTOTAL also announced that Peter Hutton And Ricardo Castle He will become the first two members of its newly created advisory board. Hutton has led the Meta’s sports business for the past five years and previously served as CEO at both Eurosport and Fox Sports Asia.

“It brings depth to the table,” says Lauterbach. “He is one of the most experienced media managers in the European market and has made great strides in the US market with Meta. Having him on board is huge for our international network as well as his advice as he is 10 years ahead of things but I also really respect him for what he knows and knows.” .”

Fort currently leads Fort Consulting and previously led the global sponsorship divisions of Visa and Coca-Cola.

“He is one of the most respected names in the global sponsorship business and will be an important part in building a strong ad revenue stream on our streaming platform.”

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