Steve Guttenberg: Nancy Brophy’s husband ignored the warning signs


Steve Guttenberg plays the husband in How to Kill Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story. File photo: Laura Cavanaugh/UPI | License copy

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14 (UPI) – Steve Guttenberg said the doomed pair plays into it How to Kill Your Husband: The Story of Nancy Brophypremiering Saturday on Lifetime, ignore the warning signs of Nancy’s (Cybill Shepherd) mental condition.

The TV movie is based on a true story. Nancy is convicted of the murder of Daniel (Guttenberg) on ​​May 25, 2022.

“I’m not sure if they’re in therapy or not,” Guttenberg, 64, told UPI in a recent phone interview. “Maybe if I had had more professional help, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Daniel was a chef and instructor at the Oregon Culinary Institute. Nancy was an aspiring romance writer who wrote a blog, How to Kill Your Husband, before Daniel’s death.

The film shows how financial troubles strained the Brophys’ marriage. Daniel remained optimistic and encouraging, which Guttenberg does not attribute to his avoidance of Nancy’s problems.

“I really think he was an optimist, and he’s out there in this world, and we need more of them,” Guttenberg said. “He had the ability to be someone who was looking for the silver lining all the time.”

Guttenberg said he believed Daniel’s priority was his marriage. Guttenberg said that people in relationships with similarly alcoholics may ignore warning signs of their partner’s problems.

“I think he was in love with this woman and he wanted his marriage to work,” Guttenberg said. “It happens with alcoholism. You know something is going on with someone you love but you’re not able to help them.”

The film’s title and real-life court case confirm Daniel’s death in the film. However, it is not the first death scene ever depicted by Gutenberg.

Although Guttenberg is best known for his comedy police Academy And Three men and a childHe played a character killed by Gregory Peck in the 1978 drama, Boys from Brazil. Guttenberg summoned director Franklin J. Schaffner pleading to be allowed to die with his eyes open.

He said, “Well, Gutenberg. I’ll let you keep your eyes open, but if you blink, I’ll strike [expletive] Gutenberg said of you, “I already blinked. He said, “I’ll give you a freebie on this and I don’t beat [expletive] From you. ”

to How do you kill your husband?Gutenberg closed his eyes when Daniel was shot in his kitchen. To portray Daniel in life, Guttenberg said he read articles and watched videos about Daniel’s education at the Culinary Institute.

“I had enough time to study his movements, his attitude and the way he dealt with people,” said Guttenberg. “He was actually very withdrawn in his personal life.”

Guttenberg said he also understands that he has found a place of fame in comedies, and embraces the opportunity to challenge himself with drama. Quote Bedroom window, the next day and stage of work furthest from the sun And prelude to kiss among his plays.

“I want to be a better actor,” Guttenberg said. “Maybe I can’t forgive myself for not being Marlon Brando. But I ended up being Steve Guttenberg, and I’m really happy to be Steve Guttenberg.”

Guttenberg said he keeps hearing talk of revival police Academy or Three men and a child. The latter has a Disney+ remake in development starring Zac Efron.

Guttenberg said he supports new shows on those franchises, but hopes there’s still room for him to play Officer Mahoney or co-parent Michael Killam. Guttenberg said he feels as protective of his characters as Harrison Ford does in Indiana Jones.

“I’m the same way with Mahoney or Michael Three men and a childsaid Gutenberg. This is my part. I don’t want anyone else to play it.”

How to Kill Your Husband: The Story of Nancy Brophy It airs Saturdays at 8pm EST on Lifetime.

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