These five amazing impact craters on Earth shed light on our planet’s wild history

I think all the pits are great, I’ll start with that. I’m very biased. Impact craters occur on every planetary body in our solar system, regardless of size. By studying impact craters and the meteorites that cause them, we can learn about the processes and geology that make up our entire solar system. This list … Read more

With Shahrukh Khan’s comeback with Pathan, fan clubs are booking theaters to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan’s festival amid amazing advance booking

the actor Shahrukh Khanreturn vehicle Pathan Bringing joy to his fans and apparently at the box office. As per reports, the film has already garnered more than Rs 50 crore in advance bookings for the first week. The star chose the action-adventure thriller V Pathan This could be the beginning of SRK 2.0. To understand … Read more

These scientists have created jewels of amazing forms of chaos theory

Zoom in / The anarchic shapes 3D printed in bronze represent the first step in the shift from chaotic to manufacturable shapes. F. Bertacchini / PS Pantano / E. Bellotta A team of Italian scientists has come up with a way to turn the amazingly twisted and intricate shapes of Chaos Theory into real jewels, … Read more

Director of the new Mysterious Peacock series

Natasha Lyonne is Charlie, the star of the new show poker face.picture: peacock Colombo. Kojak. She wrote the murder. These are the most popular offers when describing new peacock show, poker face. and being who Rian Johnsonthe mastermind behind Take out the knives Movies (Beside last jedi), the comparisons are accurate and logical. poker face … Read more

Jenkin van Zyl on his death-defying art: ‘It was stupid to set myself on fire. But the shot is amazing ‘| Art and design

jInken van Zyl’s art has many elements of a good party – balloons, cupcakes, inflatables, dancing. But any resemblance to a toddler’s birthday stops there. Its clearly NSFW (not safe for work). Cast members in his films wear grotesque monster masks and tight fetish outfits. Fake blood flows abundantly. His films are tense and claustrophobic, … Read more

The amazing clarity of the Baymax Crystal has a flaw (it can be fixed)

At CES 2023, Pimax was showing off its latest high-fidelity headset, the Pimax Crystal, which uses new lenses and new displays for what the company says is its clearest image yet. And while it’s certainly an improvement in many areas over the company’s headphones, there is one major flaw that I hope Pimax can address. … Read more

The museum is asking the public to recreate a classic painting with amazing results

The girl with the pearl earring? More like Guy With an Apple AirPod. The Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague has launched a call to recreate Johannes Vermeer’s famous 17th-century painting with whimsical and delightful results. There is no earring in this photo of Jessica van der Mast. Just an AirPod. jvdmast68 / Instagram Architect Zoe … Read more

Francesco Molinari: It will be amazing for Home Raiders to appear in Italy after winning the Champions Cup | Golf News

Francesco Molinari led Continental Europe to a 14.5-10.5 victory over Great Britain and Ireland in the inaugural Champions Cup at Abu Dhabi Golf Club; The tournament was preparation for the September Ryder Cup in Rome, which will be played live Sky Sports Last update: 1/23/15 2:18 PM Francesco Molinari celebrates after overseeing the European Champions … Read more

Check out these amazing virtual reality videos and photos that rival reality

Photo: Thomas Hübner Der Artikel kann nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript dargestellt werden. Bitte aktiviere JavaScript in deinem Browser und lade die Seite neu. Thomas Huebner is a virtual reality photographer and enthusiast. It renders footage with a quality you will rarely see. Immersive photography and videography are still in their niche. Playback devices, such as … Read more