The one salty snack that no one over 40 should eat anymore is because it’s so bad for your metabolism

Losing weight can always be a difficult process, but it can become especially challenging as you get older and your metabolism slows. While you may be able to get away with eating a lot of highly processed snacks and not gaining a single pound when you were younger, unfortunately, that’s not usually the case for … Read more

McDonald’s boss slams California proposal to raise minimum wage: ‘Bad policy over good policy’

Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution,” responds to a California proposal that would raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $22 an hour and discusses a lawsuit targeting social media for mental health problems. As part of a California law facing voters on the November 2024 ballot, lawmakers are pushing to raise … Read more

Markets are bad, but they could be worse

This week’s FreightWaves Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 30 (Shippers) Last week’s FreightWaves Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 35 (Shippers) Three-month FreightWaves Supply Chain Pricing Power Index Outlook: 20 (Shippers) The FreightWaves Supply Chain Pricing Power Index uses the analytics and data in FreightWaves SONAR to analyze the market and estimate the negotiating power for … Read more

Is soy bad for you? 3 things you should know about adding soy to your diet

When Americans were informed of the health-damaging nature of most of what we eat, especially red meat and fatty dairy products, many efforts were made to find alternatives. This is challenging given that meat and dairy have dominated our diet for many decades, and we believe they are essential to meeting protein and calcium requirements. … Read more

“You don’t want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja’Marr Chase”

Two days after an emphatic early final exit at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, the wound is still fresh in Buffalo. Just ask Brandon Bean. The Buffalo Bills general manager spoke with reporters Tuesday at his press conference at the end of the season following Buffalo’s 27-10 loss. He was asked if Buffalo should … Read more

T-Mobile admits 37,000,000 customer records were stolen by a ‘bad actor’ – Naked Security

US mobile phone provider T-Mobile has just admitted that it was hacked, in a filing known as 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday, 2023-01-19. Form 8-K is described by the SEC itself as “Current Report” companies must submit […] To announce major events that shareholders should know about.” These major events … Read more

How to get out of a bad mood, according to experts

Moods are a part of life, and while it’s normal to feel down sometimes, it’s not fun at all, and you likely won’t feel the way you want to feel throughout the day. Although you can’t just tell yourself to feel better, you can change the thoughts and behaviors that help influence your mood, according … Read more

Why the movies rarely live up to the book, and why this isn’t necessarily bad

Adaptations are always a highlight in the world of movies. Often, there’s already a fan base to be attracted to, which means there’s a good chance that the filmmakers will be able to make back the money they spent adapting it, and if it’s a franchise, they may make more money from subsequent films. One … Read more