Mock ‘book burning’ near Melbourne simulates loud book ban protests in Florida

Support the local press. Unlock unlimited digital access to Click here and sign up today. MELBOURNE — With the faces of state and local government officials cut out on poles large, community activists gathered around a bonfire made of cardboard and tissue paper to hold a mock “book burning” across the street from Melbourne … Read more

One Book One Community Return Program Focusing on US Immigration – Daily Press

WILLIAMSBURG – The One Book One Community Program is back for its fourth year. The Williamsburg Regional Library is partnering with William & Mary Libraries with support from the Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation for the project, which seeks to bring the community together while studying one socially relevant book. This year, the book … Read more

The Manitoba Prairie Garden Book Series is a Must – InForum

When gardeners aren’t busy gardening, we usually plot and plan our next moves. We code our new seed catalogs, spin must-haves, and soak up knowledge and inspiration from books, magazines, and gardening shows. No matter what aspect of gardening excites you, a dependable resource is worth its weight in chlorophyll. The “The Prairie Garden” series … Read more

University of Washington students flip the story of immigration in a new picture book

Returning home can mean different things to different family members—even mom and baby. In a new picture book called “This Is Not My Home,” a girl protests loudly and often when her mother tells her that they are moving from the United States to Taiwan to take care of the girl’s elderly grandmother. The girl, … Read more

Slash talks about a new book, childhood with Joni Mitchell, how he “stumbled into” playing the guitar, and why Guns N’ Roses is likely to be canceled in this day and age.

The Guns N’ Roses guitar slash god sure has lived a wild life, and if he wanted to write a rousing memoir filled with themes typical of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, dozens of publishing houses would surely give him an offer. Only the audio album GN’R Lies — who turns 35 this year … Read more

ALISON BOCHOVE: The real reason Meghan Markle won’t stand by Harry after his new book

They are, as she famously tells it, like conjoined palm trees in a Montecito garden, deeply “connected”. Indeed, much of the mythology and “branding” of Harry and Meghan’s new charitable, post-royal life is built on this one central image: H&M, an inseparable intertwined unity, depicting their unique, rock-solid bond as existing on a higher emotional … Read more

Nomad High Volta accessories review: Help your iPhone and Apple Watch stand out

Nomad’s High Volta accessories AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site. Nomad has just launched an eye-catching new color for its Sport Case and Sport Band. We tested it with an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The Nomad’s Sport Bag and Sport Band aren’t new, but so is … Read more

The Mythical and the Magical – Longtime classmates team up to start a children’s book club

Author Adam Defoe Written by Wayne E Staff writer Adam Defoe feels that there is nothing more precious than watching his young child’s face light up as he reads a heartwarming original story about moose and otters. Wanting to share Adam’s gift of storytelling with other children, two childhood friends, Dan O’Connell and Red Allen, … Read more

The book market in Italy increased by 13.3 percent during 2019

The 2022 Report from Italian Publishers, presented in Venice at the Morey School, shows gains during the pre-pandemic era, amid market shifts. The president of the Association of Italian Publishers Riccardo Franco Levi, left at the table on stage, prepares his annual report on market statistics to the 40th anniversary of Scuola per Librai Umberto … Read more

Most of the rumors this week about the iPhone 15 Pro and iOS 17 are lies and slander

Steve Jobs Theatre, where the magic really happens AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site. A prolific ‘leaker’ has spilled messages regarding the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 – the only problem is that they are all fake and speculation from a known scam. Here’s what we’ll do … Read more