Never Inch Review: Mike Pompeo as a ‘Heat-Seeking Rocket for Trump’s Ass’ | books

MPompeo is prescient, at least. In 2016, as a congressman, he warned Kansas Republicans about the danger posed by Donald Trump. Pompeo lamented that the United States had already endured more than seven years of “An authoritarian president who ignored our constitution– I mean, Barack Obama – and he warned that the Trump presidency would … Read more

Books in the Bell Tower: Highlighting Special Collections

By Hayley Morgan, Special to the Dorchester Banner CAMBRIDGE – If you’ve visited the Dorchester County Public Library, you’ll know we have more than just books – we offer DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, e-books and much more. But you may not know about our many private groups. This week, we’re highlighting our very own genealogy … Read more

Emma Roberts jokes that she wasn’t in book club with Lea Michele

Emma Roberts has played coy about whether her friend Lea Michele can read amid a long-running conspiracy theory that the “Glee” alum is mom. “The biggest misconception is that she can’t read,” Andy Cohen told Roberts of her former “Scream Queens” co-star on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday. Instead of stopping the rumor directly, … Read more

Victor Navasky, The New York Times and a Key Moment in LGBT History | books

FifthEctor Navasky, who died this week at the age of 90, was best known for his books on McCarthy’s tenure in the 1950s and Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department in the 1960s, his longtime editorship of Nation magazine, and positions at Columbia University including chairing Columbia Journalism. . What almost no one remembers is how his … Read more

BookTok star learns about mental health through books instead of therapy: NPR

Oliver James lives in California with his partner and two children. Courtesy of Oliver James Hide caption Switch caption Courtesy of Oliver James Oliver James lives in California with his partner and two children. Courtesy of Oliver James Oliver James exudes an abundance of positivity and never let his inability to read stop him from … Read more

The directors of “Judy Blume Forever” say the beloved author is “furious” that the books have been banned

Famed author Judy Blum is the subject of the Sundance documentary, Judy Blume forever. (Image credit: Sundance Institute) Judy Blum launched the challenge earlier this year when she announced the upcoming Kelly Fremon Craig film Are you with God? I’m Margaret to be better than her original 1970 novel that was a must-read for multiple … Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? – The Stanley News & Press

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? Posted at 9:30 am Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Why aren’t more North Carolina books being made into movies? We ask ourselves though: Where the Giraffes Sing, based on the popular North Carolina bookstore, was a huge hit last summer. DJ Martin Thanks in … Read more

We Dare You – Pick a Subject and Explore Books You Might Not Taste Like Otherwise – Chicago Tribune

If “reading more books” is on your list of goals for the year, try this amazing book challenge! The Challenge encourages adult and teen readers to broaden their horizons by discovering new topics, series, or authors–something they may not have read themselves. As a participant in the program, readers will select one book from each … Read more

Fearing prosecution, Manatee County teachers cover the class books

Some Manatee County educators have covered their classroom libraries with construction paper or have removed student access to ensure compliance with a new Florida law that requires all library books to be approved by a certified media professional. Manatee County School District has directed teachers to remove all books that have not yet been approved … Read more