Artists revive outdoor painting traditions to capture the Australian romance of the bush

Originating from the French Impressionist movement of the 1860s and popularized by Paris artists such as Claude Monet, the plein air (outdoor) painting technique developed when paints became available in tubes. In the 1870s, a group of Australian Impressionists known as the Heidelberg School famously gathered in the area of ​​Box Hill and Eaglemont to … Read more

Historic capture of a Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico

Historic capture of a Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico No Mexican gray wolf has traveled this far north and east since the wolf’s reintroduction in 1998 Updated: 5:50 PM MST January 25, 2023 Hide text Show version FEMALE LEADERS OF THE NAVAJO NATION. The endangered seven-man New Mexican coyote was recently reintroduced here and … Read more

Colorado wolves are proving difficult to capture, a collar for wildlife officials

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is having a hard time finding wolves to capture and trap among the 1,600 square miles of snow-packed Jackson County, closing the window every day. The agency has about three weeks to capture and tether the wolves before the breeding season begins in mid-February. You will not perform collarbone efforts after … Read more

Wildlife cams in Wisconsin capture encounters between species – Twin Cities

An undated photo from a wildlife camera courtesy of WI DNR Snapshot Wisconsin, a state-run citizen science project, shows a turkey and a rooster sharing a close encounter. A study finds that human activity may increase the odds that different species will interact. (WI DNR Snapshot Wisconsin via The New York Times) In ecology, as … Read more

Magewell has launched a new Dante-enabled, multi-format IP Audio capture and audio device – rAVe [PUBS]

Magewell has launched a new multi-format Dante-enabled audio and capture device January 17, 2023 – Nanjing, China: Magewell—an award-winning developer of innovative AV interface and IP workflow solutions—today announced the Pro Convert Audio DX multi-format IP audio encoder, decoder, and capture device. The company’s first solution with integrated support for Audinate’s Dante® audio networks, the … Read more

Wildlife cams in Wisconsin capture encounters between species – Twin Cities

In ecology, as in comedy, timing is everything. Hours, minutes or even seconds can make the difference for an animal between stumbling upon a predator and avoiding one, between finding a bush full of berries and discovering branches that have already been nibbled. Mere moments can determine whether a raccoon comes face to face with … Read more

Cameras in the Seymour and Coquitlam watersheds capture wildlife

Photographs of Roosevelt elk and gray wolves, not known to be abundant in areas, were captured via Metro Vancouver’s Wildlife Watch Program Wildlife cameras installed in the Seymour and Coquitlam watersheds captured an abundance of animal activity, including some sightings that pleasantly surprised local environmental enthusiasts. Photos depict black bears exploring with their cubs or … Read more