NYC is lagging behind in processing food stamps and cash assistance, report from Mayor Adams admits – New York Daily News

New York City’s welfare agency failed to timely process more than half of all food stamp applications over four months last year — and the cash assistance claim clearance rate was nearly as bad, Mayor Adams’ administration acknowledged in a report this week. The mayor’s initial management report under the city charter was released quietly … Read more

420 Recs Cash Only: Tracie Morrissey, Internet Sleuth and ‘Pot Psychology’ Host

This article was originally published Cash only. Sign up Newsletter here And follow the cash only payment on YoutubeAnd InstagramAnd Twitter. I can’t wait for the day Tracy Morrissey announces that she’s working on a memoir. Legend helped build (or refine) bankruptcyAnd JezebelAnd WidelyAnd VicelandTracie is the influential media voice who has undoubtedly shaped the … Read more

Crypto tax loophole beats America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

Better luck next time, bud.picture: MPH Pictures (stock struggle) A major US wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support failed in last-minute negotiations in Congress, Because the lawmakers could not agree to close a huge tax loophole that benefits cryptocurrency traders. legislation, known as Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), it would allocate $1.3 billion annually … Read more