Are we in a recession? Is one coming? That’s what the economists say.

Here’s the good news about the American economy right now: Despite the flurry of high-profile layoff announcements, most workers are still working. Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of people filing for unemployment benefits fell to a nine-month low of 186,000. The unemployment rate remains at 3.5%, the lowest in … Read more

The Netflix password sharing campaign is coming. what do you know.

The days of Netflix password sharing are apparently numbered, as the streaming giant seems to have enough people splitting accounts with friends and family who don’t live in their own home. Netflix has indicated that it will soon introduce a new system that blocks certain types of password sharing in order to protect its bottom … Read more

More oil is coming

President Biden spent much of 2022 urging American and foreign energy providers to produce more oil and natural gas. He finally got his wish – though not exactly where he expected. A new analysis by consultancy Wood Mackenzie finds that worldwide fossil fuel exploration in 2022 is at the highest levels in more than a … Read more

Look out, Messi: Erling Haaland is coming for your 50-goal club

Erling Haaland is spending a season for the ages with Manchester City in 2022-23. Naomi Baker / Getty Images After Erling Haaland scored twice in his first league game after the World Cup break, a British newspaper reported prescription Like “head and shoulders above the rest.” It was a nod to the stunning long blonde … Read more

These five iOS features will be coming to your iPhone later in 2023

Apple previously announced several upcoming iOS features that are expected to be added to the iPhone this year. Some features may be introduced with iOS 16.4, which will enter beta testing soon, while others will arrive later in the year. Below, we’ve summarized five new iOS features expected to launch in 2023, such as an … Read more

Top 10 new movies and shows coming soon

during Netflix campaigns All Quiet on the Western Front For Best Picture — a must-see movie if you want to show off to your friends about seeing all the nominees — the streaming device has a few of the coziest new shows and movies coming out this month. Well, except You are. Anyone watching You … Read more

Linkway will be fully opened in the coming months, Steam Play Lab is in progress

DALTON — Business has boomed since Brittany Jarvis moved her J & Co Hair Studio and Spa to a space in the LincWay Center building on the outskirts of the Village. The new location, she said, is an extensive upgrade that doubles her original venue in Orville, which was about 800 square feet. Biz update:Construction … Read more

UConn football fills the roster with transfers coming in from Maine, Michigan and on and off – Hartford Courant

Michigan tight end Louis Hansen plays during an NCAA indoor football game, Saturday, April 2, 2022, in Ann Arbor, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) (Carlos Osorio/AP) When UConn lost to Michigan 59-0 last season, the Wolverines were noted for wearing 140 players, and it looked like they used every single one of them in that game. … Read more