County executive forms new advisory committee to study broadband internet access

Enhancing efforts to improve access to broadband internet service throughout Kenosha County will begin with the creation of a committee tasked with studying these challenges, particularly, in areas that are currently underserved by high-speed internet providers. The Kenosha County Community Broadband Advisory Committee’s mission includes providing critical input on developing a comprehensive plan for facilitating … Read more

Nonprofit organization helping inmates process grief at the Oklahoma County Jail

It has hundreds of prisoners. We think that is very much needed. In response to the mental health need in the Oklahoma County Jail, the majority of people who are arrested in jail experience some form of grief and loss. She serves on the Citizens Advisory Council, the executive director of Quiet Waters, a local … Read more

Update: The Santa Clara County leader is prioritizing mental illness treatment and child care

Santa Clara County is dealing with unaffordable housing, inaccessible child care, homelessness, and a mental health crisis. A leader wants to build alliances to solve the region’s most pressing problems. Superintendent Susan Ellenberg described her “Building Together” agenda Tuesday in her first state of the county address as chair of the Board of Supervisors. She … Read more

Mendocino County announces wildlife exclusion plan, and will collect metrics to shape the program • The Voice of Mendocino | Mendocino County, Katie Mendocino Voice

MENDOCINO Co, CA, 1/31/23 – Mendocino County is collecting data on the issues and needs of local wildlife–from small garden pests to large predators–to help shape a new exclusion program based on non-lethal measures and a “no-fault” door policy. . Acting Agricultural Commissioner Andrew Smith said in a presentation to the Board of Supervisors last … Read more

A Look at Mendocino County Water: Rainfall Gives ‘Breathing Room,’ But Only Infrastructure and Climate Solutions Can Mitigate Drought • The Voice of Mendocino | Mendocino County, Katie Mendocino Voice

MENDOCINO Co, CA, 1/29/23 – Even during the power outages, flooding, and tree fall in Mendocino County during the first weeks of 2023, we can take comfort in the fact that rain on drought-stricken soils in California is good news. Lake Mendocino reached the largest amount of water storage in over a decade, and our … Read more

Students are inspired to pursue aviation careers through the Breckenridge County HS Program education

Louisville, Kentucky (WDRB) — The track program at Breckenridge County High School encourages kids to keep their heads in the clouds. For the past three school years, Paul Rotramel has led the Pathway Aeronautics and Aeronautics program. The structure of the program is similar to other classes in that it also contains written work and … Read more

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Tammy Knickerbocker searched for her ‘missing’ daughter after her release from prison

Real Housewives of Orange County alumnus Tammy Knickerbocker asks for help in the search for her missing daughter. Lindsey Knickerbocker, 34, was last seen on January 9 in Las Vegas after being released from jail for allegedly assaulting an officer for taking her dog. Tammy added that she believed her daughter was not allowed to … Read more

Fearing prosecution, Manatee County teachers cover the class books

Some Manatee County educators have covered their classroom libraries with construction paper or have removed student access to ensure compliance with a new Florida law that requires all library books to be approved by a certified media professional. Manatee County School District has directed teachers to remove all books that have not yet been approved … Read more

Betker’s historic effort set one for the county record books

RACINE – With her final high school season fast approaching, Racine Park junior girls’ basketball player Grace Betker had only one focus Friday night. And that was to beat crosstown rival Racine Horlick. The Panthers did just that, with a 71-55 victory in the Southeastern Conference, but the story grew even bigger when the final … Read more

Health care problems persist in Pender County amid the growth of the Wilmington region

Cara Vitadamo has been a nurse since 2011 and has provided assistance to people in various rural settings including hospitals, homes and psychiatric care. She loves helping people feel better. But working in rural areas is not easy. “There is definitely a shortage of service providers and a lack of resources in Pinder County,” said … Read more