A Red Memory by Tanya Branigan Review – The Cultural Revolution Up Close | history books

IIn the 1990s, something strange happened in Beijing’s burgeoning fine dining scene. Among the elegant restaurants, restaurants emerged with very simple dishes: meat and vegetables cooked in a simple style with few frills. The diners were not there just for the cuisine, but to relive the experience of a period generally considered a disaster: the … Read more

Japan shrugs while Gwen Stefani’s ‘cultural appropriation’ upsets the US | Music news

Tokyo, Japan – When Eriko Serio, a 30-year-old professional living in Shizuoka, Japan, saw American pop singer Gwen Stefani accused of “cultural appropriation” in Western media, she couldn’t fathom the controversy. “I personally think it’s very cool that people want to incorporate Japanese styles into their fashion,” Syrio, who works in the medical device industry, … Read more

“Extreme North” provides an interesting but incomplete cultural history

“The Far North: A Cultural History” “The Far North: A Cultural History” by Bernd Brunner By Bernd Brunner, translated by Jefferson Chase; W.W. Norton & Company, 2022; 256 pages $27.95. Since ancient times, the European mind has been occupied by the North. For the Greeks, the mythical region of Hyperborea and the mythical northern island … Read more

Cultural appropriation in pop music goes way beyond Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani recently came under fire for saying “I’m Japanese” in a new interview. Stefani is just one of many pop stars who have been accused of cultural appropriation over the years. Insider spoke to experts on race and advocacy about this aggressive trend in pop music. loading Something is loading. Thank you for your … Read more