Don Granato’s decision to cut back on workouts is paying off with the Sabers

St. PAUL, Minnesota – Don Granato didn’t need to investigate why the Buffalo Sabers had an uncharacteristic Monday performance against the Florida Panthers earlier this month. Granato saw all the signs of an exhausted team. The Swordsmen weren’t cutting bar-to-bar passes to save time and space on the ice at KeyBank Center. Turnovers led to … Read more

Oil markets are bracing for fresh turmoil as the European Union prepares to cut Russian diesel

The European Union is about to effectively sever ties with the largest overseas supplier of diesel when sanctions on refined fuel imports from Russia take effect early next month. The move, which would be coordinated with a G7-supported global price cap on sales of refined fuels in Russia from February 5 – similar to measures … Read more

Dartmouth Health looks to cut $120M in its budget, plans hiring freeze, job reviews

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center seen from the air on December 9, 2017. Photo by Charles Hatcher/Valley News Editor’s note: This story by Nora Doyle Burr first appeared in Valley News on January 21. Dartmouth Health, New Hampshire’s largest private employer, has implemented performance improvement plans and a “situational review process” in some member organizations as it … Read more

The Fed says it will not cut interest rates in 2023. Markets disagree. Who is right?

font size Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. Kevin Deitch/Getty Images About the author: Christopher Smart Chief Global Strategist and President of the Barings Institute of Investment, and a former senior official for economic policy at the US Treasury Department and the White House. The US Federal Reserve could not be clearer. … Read more

Households earning $100,000 or more cut spending more aggressively. What’s going on?

We want to hear from our readers who have stories to share about the effects of rising costs and a changing economy. If you would like to share your experience, write to Please write your name and the best way to reach you. A reporter may be in touch. High-income families feel the inflation … Read more

After Amazon cut Jeremy Clarkson off Meghan Markle, ITV could fire him too Like they canceled Piers Morgan

IIt has not been a good few weeks Jeremy Clarksonwho has been under intense scrutiny since his terrible speech Meghan Marklein which he called for the public humiliation of Prince Harrywife. The TV star has since canceled his Amazon show “The Grand Tour” and “Clarkson’s Farm,” which reportedly won’t be extended beyond the current tour, … Read more

Microsoft will cut 10,000 jobs with concern about a recession in the cloud technology sector

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 18 (Reuters) – Microsoft said Wednesday it will cut 10,000 jobs and slash $1.2 billion, as cloud computing customers reassess their spending and the company prepares for a possible recession. The layoffs, much larger than the cuts Microsoft made last year, are piling up to tens of thousands of jobs in a … Read more

Be careful with the snow blower: what to do if you cut your hand

Not only does winter bring its share of ice and snow, but it also leads to a significant increase in hand and wrist injuries due to slips, falls, and snowfall accidents. “Wrist fractures are extremely common in the winter months,” says James Wilcoxon, MD, a plastic surgeon at Nebraska Medicine who specializes in hand and … Read more

Larry Kudlow: Biden brags about his economic policies, but he hasn’t done anything to cut spending

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow calls President Biden over his lack of spending cuts and criticizes the “Kudlow” tax cuts. It’s always an intellectually lively moment when Joe Biden comes out and starts talking about the economy and his economic policies. Today he spoke at a Martin Luther King event hosted by that well-known centrist, … Read more