Before the game: Jose Mourinho wants to return to Chelsea

Jose Mourinho is eager to return to England next season amid frustration over a lack of financial support from Roma. The ideal scenario would be an extraordinary third spell at Chelsea and his representatives have announced he would be interested in any vacancy at Stamford Bridge, but the club has made it clear it intends … Read more

Julie Bishop takes her fitness to the next level as she works on her yoga skills in the snow

Julie Bishop, 66, flaunts her fit figure as she performs a yoga stretch in the snow while on vacation in Colorado By Savannah Young for Daily Mail Australia published: 17:50 ET, January 27, 2023 | Updated: 17:50 ET, January 27, 2023 Julie Bishop ramps up her health and fitness streak while on a ski vacation … Read more

ALISON BOCHOVE: The real reason Meghan Markle won’t stand by Harry after his new book

They are, as she famously tells it, like conjoined palm trees in a Montecito garden, deeply “connected”. Indeed, much of the mythology and “branding” of Harry and Meghan’s new charitable, post-royal life is built on this one central image: H&M, an inseparable intertwined unity, depicting their unique, rock-solid bond as existing on a higher emotional … Read more

Jane Fonda, 85, The Queen of Workout Video Reveals She Kept Doing PUSH-UPS During Brutal Chemotherapy

She became the queen of the 80’s workout tape. And Jane Fonda, 85, revealed that she kept exercising even while undergoing brutal chemotherapy during her cancer battle last year. “Normally, I can do a push-up for a few minutes,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “When the chemo was in me, 30 seconds later, I would … Read more

Alice Evans faces arrest after failing to appear in court for violating restraining orders

The bitter divorce battle between Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans has taken an ugly new turn, as the Fantastic Four actor’s now-estranged wife faces arrest after she failed to appear in court to answer two counts of violating his restraining order against her. Not only did Evans, 54, appear in airport court in Los Angeles … Read more

Only a quarter of Americans get minimal exercise each week

Only a Quarter of Americans Get the Minimum Recommended Exercise Each Week, According to a New CDC Report…Are You One of Them? Less Than 28 Percent Of Americans Achieve HHS Weekly Fitness Goals, CDC Reports Even half of the population does not meet even one of the two targets set by officials The sedentary lifestyles … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence is in all business as she dons a navy suit to a meeting in Beverly Hills

What is the Miley Cyrus drama? Jennifer Lawrence is all in a navy jacket for a meeting in Beverly Hills…after fans of the singer shared a shock theory about the Hunger Games star following the release of the music video By Garrett Thomas Sachmann and Monique Friedlander for Mailonline published: 21:29 ET, January 25, 2023 … Read more

Reese Witherspoon reveals what her to-do list includes getting snacks for her son’s soccer team

Just an ordinary mom! Reese Witherspoon, 46, revealed her to-do list includes getting snacks for her son’s soccer team… but is it real? By Amy LaMarre for Dailymail.Com published: 14:05 ET, January 24, 2023 | Updated: 14:33 EST, January 24, 2023 Reese Witherspoon shared her to-do list on Instagram on Tuesday. The 46-year-old Academy Award-winning … Read more

Scientists say beetroot juice ‘significantly increases muscle strength during exercise’

Forget pre-workout protein shakes: Beetroot juice ‘significantly increases muscle strength during exercise’, scientists say. Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States tracked muscle strength as participants performed exercises Half of them had been given a nitrate-laced drink before starting the workout The results showed 7 percent higher muscle strength in those who consumed … Read more

Meghan thinks Prince Harry is the ‘prom’ of Grammy award audiobook Spear

Meghan Markle is sure her husband, Prince Harry, will add the Grammy Award winner to his award list thanks to his latest memoir. An entertainment industry insider tells that the Duchess and her team believe Harry is a ‘help’ to win the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word (Best Audiobook, Recording Narration and Storytelling) … Read more