Don Granato’s decision to cut back on workouts is paying off with the Sabers

St. PAUL, Minnesota – Don Granato didn’t need to investigate why the Buffalo Sabers had an uncharacteristic Monday performance against the Florida Panthers earlier this month. Granato saw all the signs of an exhausted team. The Swordsmen weren’t cutting bar-to-bar passes to save time and space on the ice at KeyBank Center. Turnovers led to … Read more

Tom Brady or Greg Olsen? Fox has a future decision on its senior analyst

The straightforward story of Sunday’s NFC Championship game revolves around unlikely stars. There’s Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, 24, who entered the season with questions only about his ability to become a MVP candidate, now comparing his head coach to no less than Michael Jordan. There’s San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, 23, who was … Read more

Market Paths Hinged On Decision – Economics Bitcoin News

Stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies have been on a tear for the last three weeks of 2023, and all eyes are now focused on the upcoming 11-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). On Friday, Federal Reserve Chair Christopher Waller said he would favor a quarter-point increase in interest rates at the next … Read more

One expert says it’s the “biggest retirement decision you’ll ever make.”

As people prepare for retirement, there are many issues to consider, but one tops them all, according to an expert. “Where you live may actually be the biggest retirement decision you make because of differences in taxation in different states,” Silvur founder and CEO Ryan Horgan told Yahoo Finance Live (video above) when advising people … Read more

The biggest decision Jerome Powell made in his career could stop this rally, what to do

Oliser First, let me set up this binary decision Anyone more than a casual observer of the economy and stocks will say the obvious. The Inflation Dragon has been killed. We have months of watching inflation drop by a third. many Economists expect the inflation rate to fall to 3% by the end of ’23, … Read more

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson explains the decision to re-hire Lukas Reichel

The Blackhawks brought Lucas Richell back to Rockford on Friday, and let’s just say a portion of their fanbase wasn’t crazy about the move. He had an impressive three games in the NHL and looked like a different player. Before Saturday’s game against Seattle, Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson explained the organization’s decision to rehire … Read more