Doctor Ransom and Madeira Sanitarium

For Madeira Tribune Dr. Dow Ransom. Many Madeira seniors remember that brown-sided, brown-stained building on Yosemite Avenue and I Street. It has a long and informative past, thanks to Dr. Dao H. Ransom. It was once a Madeira sanatorium. The Madera Sanitarium began when Dr. Ransom, returning from service as a surgeon in the Army … Read more

Fall of the Premier League: Apple’s new doctor delves into attempted ‘coup’ for football

The richest football clubs, in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, are different from you and me. They are games for the world’s richest, a luxury yacht away from the working-class roots on which the sport was built. Football, especially in Europe, has always felt at the crossroads between what the wealthiest clubs desire (more … Read more

Wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil is collaborating with Purecare on their range of sustainable and natural accessories

Office Furniture World News On 1/16/2023 World-renowned integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil and Purecare, a leading health-focused bedding manufacturer, partnered to launch the health and wellness guru’s first bedtop collection. The exclusive new partnership brings Purecare and its retail partners the brand’s Dr. Weil is respected and internationally recognized along with an expat and … Read more

Book Club: Chronicling “Rough Sleepers” is the mission of a selfless doctor

Good morning, and welcome to the Los Angeles Times Book Club newsletter. doctor hero Tracy Kidder “rough sleepers,” Jim O’ConnellHe tended the bar after college before applying to medical school at age 30. He kept that job to pay the bills while attending Harvard—though it was the bar, not the classroom, where he learned some … Read more