Daily habits for a flat stomach are very easy

This year, you may have one fitness goal in mind: adding flat-stomach daily habits to your routine. Trimming your midsection and getting in shape is a necessary step to improving your overall health. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, a large belly size is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types … Read more

Discovering unique microbes made easy using the DOE Systems Biological Knowledge Base (KBase)

Science Microbes are essential to life on Earth. These microorganisms play a major role in everything from converting sunlight to molecules essential for life. It helps produce a lot of oxygen in our atmosphere. They even circulate nutrients between the air and the soil. Scientists are constantly finding interactions between microbes, plants, animals, and other … Read more

Solar panels are driving the clean energy revolution, but recycling them isn’t easy

As soon as one truck leaves, another truck enters. Almost every day, Anthony Fibond’s solar recycling plant in north Melbourne receives dozens of used solar panels. In the car park, multiple leaning towers of devices, held together by tie-downs, occupy the spaces. Right now, a lot of them are coming from schools where the state … Read more

Solving Einstein’s riddle with an ‘easy’ solution that allows time travel to ‘go back to your past’ | Science | News

General Relativity: A cosmologist discusses Einstein’s theory It is believed that traveling back in time is physically impossible. However, according to astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter of Ohio State University, scientists have envisioned universes where this might not only be possible, but “easy” — and all it takes is a round universe. This idea was found … Read more