Exploring the mechanism of cosmic magnetic fields in the laboratory

Evolution of the measured assembly of the electron probe. credit: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2023). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.221171311 This new work offers a potential solution to this troubling problem regarding the origin of seed magnetic fields at the microgauss scale. The research used a new platform with great potential to study the ultrafast … Read more

The Arizona Biosphere 2 project continues the mission of exploring a changing planet

Built in 1991 to study the prospects of humans in outer space, the facility is a breeding ground for Earth science experiments ORACLE, AZ — From the beginning, the Biosphere 2 project has included all the components of a large-scale Earth science experiment that has profound implications for human survival in outer space. Can a … Read more

Exploring risk prediction for risk mitigation in prostate cancer in a new study

As genetic risk stratification in prostate cancer, a leading cause of death and a partially hereditary disease, continues to be understood, researchers in a new literature review have compiled data on reducing mortality through early detection and prevention. Data over the past decade has shown that rare pathogenic mutations (RPMs), particularly those involved in DNA … Read more