In Wake of Budget Surplus, Texas Senate Finance Committee Considers More Than $40 Billion in Public Funds for Health and Human Services – State of the Fix

The Texas Senate Committee on Finance (SCF) opened its first hearing for the 2023 legislative session on Monday. The committee heard testimonies from various state agencies and committees about funding requests and related recommendations Senate Bill 1State budget for the biennium. Get the latest state-specific policy intelligence for the healthcare sector delivered to your inbox. … Read more

New York can boost funds for children’s mental health – New York Daily News

In this month’s state governor’s state speech, Hochul State announced an unprecedented $1 billion investment in improving mental health services; It is a bold step to address the mental health needs of adults and children in New York State. With nearly 20% of adults in the state suffering from a mental health disorder and students … Read more

Tenant aid money has been set aside while the pandemic is running out

>> What am I going to do? You know what I mean? So you need rental assistance, it’s essential. Lisa: Richard Towson might get fired in February. Shoot – offered for rent is a help but not out yet. He has a background of more than $5,000. He has cancer and can’t work around people … Read more

Congress Must Stop Blocking Mental Health Clinics From Providing Funds – New York Daily News

Newly elected Congressman Dan Goldman’s announcement about reintroducing Michelle Alyssa Jo’s law is welcome news. The law, named after Michel Gou, a young woman pushed to her death in front of a subway train by Marshall Simon, a homeless man with a serious mental illness, amends a decades-old federal ruling at the root of our … Read more

Cowboy Ventures Expands With $260M Through Two New Funds, Including Opportunity Fund TechCrunch

Cowboy Ventures, now 10 years old, a Bay Area seed-focused fund founded by celebrity investor Aileen Lee, has closed on two new funds totaling $260 million in capital commitments. The group has secured commitments of $140 million for its fourth flagship fund and another $120 million for its first opportunity-type fund (the “Mustang Fund”). The … Read more

How to set up a franchise: 8 popular franchise businesses under Rs 50 lakh

If team meetings, appraisals, deadlines, nitpicking bosses and backstabbing colleagues are making your life miserable, it’s perhaps time to quit your 9 to 5 job. But the thought of starting your own venture and finding the funds to finance your dream can be terrifying too. A good start to get your entrepreneurial dream going is … Read more

Market pressures are adding to the woes of mutual funds active in the US

The latest news about ETFs Visit our ETF hub to learn more and explore our in-depth data and comparison tools Active US mutual fund sales suffered in 2022, as investors continued to demand cheaper products while inflation soared and the Federal Reserve continued to raise interest rates. Investors pulled $879 billion from active mutual funds … Read more

The founder of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency has been arrested, charged with transferring illegal funds worth hundreds of millions

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon argues that getting fiscal policy “right” will influence America’s fate for the next 100 years. Justice Department officials announced Wednesday the arrest of a Russian executive accused of running a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitated illegal drug and money laundering transactions. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco held a press conference with … Read more

Should seniors invest in mutual funds?

Many times we hear about mutual fund investments and the risks associated with putting money into them. Given how most of the mutual funds in the market are invested, older people often stop themselves from investing in them. The fallout from recent market volatility has left many investors with unwanted losses, raising more questions about … Read more

Day 1 of the Health and Care Budget Hearing: Medicaid and Child Care Costs and Federal Funds

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare makes up about a third of the state’s total budget each year. That’s because — as Director Dave Jepsen explained in a hearing Tuesday — the department serves an enormous cross-section of the Idaho population, through a host of different programs. Jepsen and other state health and welfare … Read more