McDonald’s boss slams California proposal to raise minimum wage: ‘Bad policy over good policy’

Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution,” responds to a California proposal that would raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $22 an hour and discusses a lawsuit targeting social media for mental health problems. As part of a California law facing voters on the November 2024 ballot, lawmakers are pushing to raise … Read more

Are AI comics telling good stories? An investigation

[Editor’s note: We here at the Beat are aware of the controversy about AI generated art and writing and we believe in and support the efforts of human artists. We’re against AI art that impersonates the work of artists or attempts to conceal its true nature. Those who think AI is a high-quality form of outsourced labor may be … Read more

Biden’s expert Musharraf claims that obesity cannot be cured with exercise and a good diet

The doctor, who came under fire for comments claiming obesity is more genetic than lifestyle factors in a “60 Minutes” interview earlier this month, is now a member of Biden’s 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which will help Setting the nutritional standards for Americans over the coming years. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, an obesity … Read more

Sundance Reviews: Cat Person, Justice, Fair Play, and the Angry Good Guy

cat person — the film adaptation of a New Yorker short story that took over your Twitter feed in December 2017 — begins with a now-familiar paraphrase of Margaret Atwood’s quote: “Men fear women will laugh at them,” says the onscreen text. “Women are afraid that men will kill them.” The crowd laughed nervously when … Read more

Rangers challenged in tough schedule: ‘Good for us’

With three games left until the eight-day All-Star break, which began Monday night against the Panthers at the Garden, the Rangers were playing as if they were somewhere between their slow start and their convincing turnaround. The Blueshirts are a respectable 6-3-2 since the offseason, amassing 14 points while remaining third in the Metropolitan Division … Read more

Brendan Fraser didn’t actually speak to The Rock at all on the set of The Mummy Returns, but he got really good at another acting stint

Brendon Fraser / The Rock Brendan Fraser is in the midst of Brenaissance, and many in the audience couldn’t be happier to see him thrive. His heart-wrenching performance Whale He recently won a Critics Choice Award, and he’s already been awarded an Academy Award. While pressing for the film, he was also reflecting on his … Read more

Sundance 2023: Judy Blum and Nikki Giovanni’s films prove that good art is timeless

It is almost without fail that whenever you talk about a famous and older work of art, someone will feel the need to qualify it by saying, “It actually holds up pretty well.” As if to say that good art ends or somehow becomes inconsequential once it reaches a certain age, and it can’t stand … Read more

The hot rental market is experiencing a cooling which is a good indicator of inflation

WASHINGTON — Renters are on track to get some relief in 2023 as a growing number of indicators suggest that the flamboyant rental market is starting to cool off, a shift that could also help lower decades-high inflation that has sent interest rates soaring. Rising rental costs have been one of the biggest drivers of … Read more

‘I Think This Would Make a Good Movie’: Why a Georgia Realtor Was Invited to Play The Masters

CNN – Until now, the closest Atlanta-based realtor Scott Stallings to Augusta National was nearby Costco. Despite years of trying, he was never able to get a ticket to see the prestigious Masters tournament on the legendary course. As a golf fan from Georgia, major attendance has remained an unspecified item on my bucket list. … Read more