The reaction to Prince Harry’s “Spear” says more about us than him

On Tuesday morning, I sat next to my husband at breakfast as he bemoaned the cover of Prince Harry’s new book, Spear. He said, “I will never understand people’s fascination with celebrities.” I said “really”. “Rocky Colavito.” Sam McDowell. Leon Wagner”. I live for that smile of resignation on his face. You just named three … Read more

Kate Middleton is ‘already moved’ by Harry’s claims that her texts left Meghan in tears

Reports said the Princess of Wales is “really moved” after being “baffled” by Prince Harry’s claims in his disturbing memoir, Spear. Kate, who turned 41 this week, is reported to have “dismissed” the Duke of Sussex’s accusations against her in the book, including that she and Prince William “portray” Meghan Markle as a “biracial American … Read more