Bills addressing pig theft, funding for rural mental health advances in the House of Representatives on Friday

Utah lawmakers on Friday approved funding for two additional mental health crisis response teams for Cache County and Winta Basin. (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — House lawmakers wrapped up the second week of the ongoing legislative session by approving funding for mental health crisis reception centers … Read more

Starling Medical’s New Urine Monitor Turns Your Toilet into a Health Tracker • TechCrunch

If you enjoy some good toilet techniques, I’d consider using “urine” as a remedy. Starling Medical is preparing to launch an in-home patient monitoring platform for urine diagnosis, dubbed “StarStream,” that doesn’t rely on traditional fishing containers or dip sticks. Now, if you think this technology sounds familiar, you’d be right: My colleague Haji-Jan Camps … Read more

New figures highlight the impact of Covid-19 on mental health care for inpatients and emergency departments

New numbers reported this week indicate that Vermont’s inpatient psychiatric care capacity slowly began to rebound last year, but it remains well below pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, the total number of days patients spent seeking mental health care in emergency departments statewide reached new highs. That number, more than 10,500 a day, now appears to be … Read more

UT Tyler receives a $1.3 million grant to support student mental health programs across the district’s school districts | local news

The University of Texas at Tyler has received more than $1.3 million from the US Department of Education’s Mental Health Services Professionals Demonstration Program to help support the mental health needs of students in East Texas School District. The program was recently approved by US Senator John Cornyn’s Safer Communities Act (R-TX), which was signed … Read more

No, Biden has not signed an application for free health insurance

The claim: Biden’s executive order gives free health insurance Facebook clip Jan. 9 (direct link, archived link) shows President Joe Biden signing directives at the White House. Your relief package for 2023 is here! Read the comment on the post. President Biden signed Executive Order 14009 making health insurance free for eligible Americans. Thanks to … Read more

Only a quarter of Americans get minimal exercise each week

Only a Quarter of Americans Get the Minimum Recommended Exercise Each Week, According to a New CDC Report…Are You One of Them? Less Than 28 Percent Of Americans Achieve HHS Weekly Fitness Goals, CDC Reports Even half of the population does not meet even one of the two targets set by officials The sedentary lifestyles … Read more

New group addressing mental health in the hospitality industry in vail

CHOW, or Culinary Hospitality Awareness and Wellness, hosted the Vail region’s first meeting for members of the hospitality industry to network, share experiences, and discuss mental health and wellness in the industry.Dominic Taylor, Image courtesy / Phil Daily Archive Members of the hospitality workforce have long faced mental health challenges. According to a study published … Read more

Five New Year’s resolutions to support 2023 better health for seniors

Leading primary care provider ChenMed shares tips for a healthy start MiamiAnd January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The beginning of the year is a time for making resolutions and examining old habits. ChenMed, a leading primary care provider improving the lives of vulnerable seniors, offers some resolutions, to its 58.6 million Medicare beneficiaries ages 65 … Read more

What employers need to prioritize in 2023: mental health and cost containment

Today’s employers face the twin challenges of skyrocketing insurance rates and America’s unshakeable mental health crisis. As health care costs have risen over the past few years, many organizations have absorbed some additional costs to avoid higher subscriber prices. However, many could no longer afford it. Moreover, employers who have invested in strong mental health … Read more

How the Wolf Pack approaches adolescent mental health differently

The best horror and sci-fi reflects the fears of his time. In the 1950s, alien invasion films like “The Day the Earth Stood Still” were commentaries on Americans’ xenophobia and Cold War-era fears of nuclear annihilation. “Rosemary’s Baby” from 1968, and “The Omen” from 1976 represent Boomers’ frustration with their parents’ societal norms. Slasher films … Read more