Dennis Quaid says he’s shooting ‘Bass Reeves’ for Taylor Sheridan: ‘Making Mess’

Dennis Quaid is shooting the upcoming six-part series “Bass Reeves,” with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan set to direct the first two episodes. The 68-year-old actor told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that he has been working with the 52-year-old director on the Western series. The Day After Tomorrow star revealed that he would begin filming … Read more

Lamar Jackson faces unfair opposition from everywhere, but he’s not doing himself any favors with one blatant move

Lamar Jackson has been fired by the NFL cognoscenti since day one and he still has detractors despite his success. In the same way that Cam Newton was never going to please quite a few people for various reasons, Jackson seems to have met a similar fate. He did things his way, in an unconventional … Read more

Howie Long shows on FOX NFL Sunday that he’s not content with being average

If a recently retired NFL player were to transition into a media career, no one would be surprised. Existing players host their own podcasts or serve as contributors to broadcasts across the network. But once upon a time—which, in this case, was 1994—hardly any former NFL player made the immediate jump from wearing shoulder pads … Read more