What is a rolling recession and are we in it? Expert explanation

By most measures, the US economy is in solid shape. Although the first half of 2022 started with negative growth, a strong labor market and resilient consumerism helped turn things around and give hope for the year ahead. Related investment news Gross domestic product, which measures the overall health of the economy, rose more than … Read more

Common misconceptions about achieving a perfect credit score

Randy has a credit score of 850. According to FICO, the most popular scoring form, this is as good as it gets. However, one line on his credit report said he could lower his utilization rate, so he immediately paid off the remainder of his auto loan in one $6,000 payment, then his score dropped … Read more

The Dow rose 300 points and the Nasdaq jumped 1% as investors weigh the Fed’s next interest rate move.

Textile stock slumps after Barclays cut to equal weight There were bigger discounts at Kate Spade and Coach Outlet as Barclays analysts surveyed holiday promotions in the handbag category. Seeing the trend as a warning sign of weak demand ahead, the company downgraded the shares of the brands’ parent company, textureto equal weight gain from … Read more

Why overconfidence bias may cost investors

Prasit Photo | moment | Getty Images Your investment ego could cost you big bucks. The “overconfidence bias” is the behavioral principle of overestimating one’s abilities, including financial acumen. And while confidence isn’t a bad thing, it can have harmful results—if you don’t have the chops to back it up. “It should come as no … Read more

Here’s how much people are saying about the cost of not having financial literacy in 2022

domoyega | E + | Getty Images When it comes to money, what you don’t know can hurt you. A report from the National Council of Financial Educators showed that 38% of individuals in a recent survey said their lack of financial literacy cost them at least $500 in 2022, including 15% who said it … Read more

5 things to know before the stock market opens on Friday, January 20th

Here are the top stories investors need to start their trading day: 1. The January march is losing steam Just like many New Year’s resolutions, the January stock market rally faded after only a few weeks. The three major indices are heading for a losing week, while the Dow Jones turned negative for the new … Read more

Crypto Lender Files Genesis Trading for Bankruptcy Protection

Cryptocurrency lender Genesis filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection late Thursday night in Manhattan federal court, the latest casualty in the industry contagion caused by the collapse of FTX and a crippling blow to the business at the heart of Barry Silbert’s crypto conglomerate. The company listed more than 100,000 creditors in a “massive” bankruptcy … Read more

How to get your credit score above 800 and keep it there

In general, the higher your credit score, the better when it comes to getting a loan. FICO scores, the most common scoring form, range from 300 to 850. A “good” score is generally above 670, a “very good” score is over 740 and anything above 800 is considered “exceptional.” Once you reach that 800 threshold, … Read more