Reader news: Ridgewater College partners with area high schools for hands-on learning opportunities – West Central Tribune

Wilmar and Hutchinson – Hands-on learning is a great way to learn technical skills. When high school teachers needed to advance their skills to make better use of their latest technology, they turned to Ridgewater College for help. Faculty and staff were happy to answer the call with dedicated communications. “Ridgewater is a community college,” … Read more

How machine learning can predict rare disasters – such as earthquakes or pandemics

A team of researchers has developed a new framework that uses advanced machine learning and statistical algorithms to predict rare events without the need for large data sets. Scholars can use a combination of advanced[{” attribute=””>machine learning and sequential sampling techniques to predict extreme events without the need for large data sets, according to researchers … Read more

106 institutions to offer virtual reality soft skills training through Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning grant

Startup UK partners with Meta to make virtual reality learning available to 106 higher education institutions worldwide LondonAnd January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — body changetogether with Immersive learning is deadannounced the final list of higher and further education institutions to participate in the immersive experiential learning program. 106 colleges and universities worldwide will get access … Read more

Making machine learning matter to clinicians: An actionable model for medical decision-making

We propose a measure that measures the ability of a model to increase the probability of medical decision making by reducing uncertainty in specific clinical scenarios. In practice, we envision this metric being used during the early stages of model development (i.e., before net benefit is calculated) for multilayered models in dynamic care settings such … Read more

HTA for Meta Open-Sources: A fully scalable performance analysis tool to support state-of-the-art machine learning workloads

Machine learning and deep learning models perform remarkably well on various tasks thanks to recent technological advances. However, this outstanding performance is not without a cost. Machine learning models often require significant computational power and resources to achieve sophisticated accuracy, which makes scaling these models challenging. Moreover, because they are unaware of the performance limitations … Read more

Real-time flood forecasts using block-by-block data can save lives. A new machine learning method makes this possible

Comparisons between modeled area floodwater levels during Hurricane Harvey by the complex model and simpler models. The severe floods and mudslides that have swept California in recent weeks have caught many drivers by surprise. Sewers swallowed cars, highways became fast-moving rivers of water, and entire neighborhoods were evacuated. At least 20 people were killed in … Read more

What is reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF)? – TechTalks

This article is part of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, a series of posts that (attempt to) demystify the terms and myths surrounding AI. Since OpenAI released ChatGPT, there has been a lot of excitement about developments in Language Large Models (LLM). While ChatGPT is about the same size as other LLMs, its performance is much better. … Read more

Storage learning and retrieval with hash function

If you’re walking around the City of London, you won’t have much trouble finding Gough Square, which is hidden behind Fleet Street. There stands the home of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who (among other things) wrote the first English dictionary. There is something surprisingly magical about a dictionary. There is probably only one long-ordered series that … Read more

Box2Mask: A unique single-snapshot instance segmentation method that combines deep learning with a level-finite evolution model to provide accurate mask predictions with only bounding-box oversight

Instance segmentation, useful in applications such as self-driving, automated manipulation, image editing, cell segmentation, etc., attempts to extract the pixel mask labels of the objects of interest. Instance segmentation has made great strides in recent years due to the powerful learning capabilities of CNN systems and sophisticated adapters. However, many available instance segmentation models are … Read more