The library sees 115,000 items checked out, and 217,000 online users last year

Erin Busbia In an increasingly technology-centric world, the importance of physical books and libraries is being called into question. However, Erin Busbia, director of the Columbus-Lounds Library System, speaking at the Columbus Exchange Club Thursday in Lion Hills, said the library is adapting to the times. The system has seen more than 73,000 people check … Read more

UCLA researchers propose PhyCV: a physics-inspired computer-vision Python library

Artificial intelligence is making noteworthy strides in the field of computer vision. One major area of ​​development is deep learning, in which neural networks are trained on huge data sets of images to recognize and classify objects, scenes, and events. This has resulted in significant improvements in image recognition and object detection. Combining computer vision … Read more

Today’s library goes beyond books

Albert Einstein said, “The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” Today’s library goes beyond books. In Idaho, especially in small and/or rural areas, the library can be the only place in town to hold a meeting, access reliable, high-speed Internet, make a telehealth appointment, or serve as a … Read more