The PSMC6 gene may cause inflammation in the initial stage of Sjögren’s: a study The gene is also linked to the infiltration of immune cells into glands

called gene PSMC6 It may be involved in driving inflammation and infiltration of immune cells into glands affected by primary Sjogren’s syndrome (pSS), a study finds. PSMC6which was more expressed, or active, in the blood of PSS patients than in the blood of healthy people, and has also been linked to fewer T regulatory cells … Read more

Procrastination is linked to poor mental and physical health

summary: Procrastination is associated with increased anxiety, stress, pain, unhealthy lifestyles, and delays in seeking help for general health problems. Source: Conversation College students have a lot of freedom but not a lot of organization. This can be detrimental to habitual procrastinators. Studies have shown that at least half of college students procrastinate to a … Read more