Phil Mickelson takes to Twitter to show love for the ‘crazy’ movement

by: Nick Piastowski January 21, 2023 Luke Donald hits his third putt on Friday on the second hole at Yas Links Abu Dhabi. Golf Channel TV analysts? They were confused. But Luke Donald? Although his movement was bold, he was conspicuous. And Phil Mickelson? He loved every part of it. “It was the right play. … Read more

‘Good night my love’: James Middleton announces death of 15-year-old therapy dog

‘Good night my love’: James Middleton announces the death of his 15-year-old therapy dog ​​who he credited with helping him ‘overcome mental health struggles’ By Elizabeth Hay for Mailonline published: 17:16 ET, January 20, 2023 | Updated: 17:17 ET, January 20, 2023 James Middleton, the Princess of Wales’ brother, announced the death of his beloved … Read more

These 10 great shows deserve some love

Oscar voters have their ballots in hand. But hear us out: We’ve got some dark horses to consider. When the acting field is announced at the Oscars on Tuesday morning, you’ll likely see stories of feel-good comebacks (Brendan Fraser and Ke Hui Kwan), usual suspects (Cate Blanchett and Viola Davis) and maybe finally Oscar-winners (Michelle) … Read more

You probably already love the 8 foods that nutritionists say are best for gut health

The food you put into your body not only satisfies your taste buds – it also nourishes the trillions of organisms that live in your gut. If you eat the right things, you’ll reap the rewards for physical and mental health, and feeding your gut the wrong things may actually harm the little creatures that … Read more

On the debt limit, Biden must learn to love the platinum coin

The United States is looking at another possible barrel to default on its debt. House Republicans, now effectively led by the most restive members of the Freedom Caucus, openly promise to take America’s full faith and credit hostage to extract massive concessions from President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. The severe consequences of default … Read more

Realistic romance inspires a love story in the face of bigotry

I Will Remember You by Deborah Packer Based on a true family story set in 1943 indoor America, I will remember You by Deborah Packer is a bittersweet portrait of a conflicted wartime romance between an idealistic, proud Jewish girl from a small town and a Jewish soldier from Brooklyn with harrowing memories as a … Read more

“I love those,” Cindy Sherman said: Former PETA star John McClain in his paintings | Music

IIt was the nail that started it all. “I wanted to pin a painting on it,” says John McClain, former keyboardist with Beta Band and award-winning filmmaker. He nodded towards a wall in his London studio where the only piece of metal still protruded. Maclean found it difficult to accomplish his task: at first, because … Read more