Ben Zosmer’s Mathematics Choices – The Hollywood Reporter

Mathematics may one day calculate the number of universes in the multiverse Everything everywhere at onceHowever, she does not understand how the relationship between a mother and her daughter in one of these universes can affect the others. Math can measure frames per second in a young Steven Spielberg’s camera, but it doesn’t inspire the … Read more

How reality ceased to define mathematics – and began to invent new ones

Euclid items Provided the foundation for mathematics.Credit: Tim Ockenden/PA/Alamy Axioms: Mathematical Thought and High Modernity Alma Steingart University. Chicago Press (2022) The work of mathematicians centuries or even millennia ago speaks to their living peers in ways that practitioners of other disciplines must find mystifying. Euclid’s proof that the list of primes never ends is … Read more

Paying off your credit card debt is a good solution for the new year

Carrying a balance has always been expensive, but it’s especially expensive now. The average credit card interest rate in mid-December was 19.42%, the highest rate since 1992. As the Federal Reserve continues to raise short-term interest rates to stifle inflation, average rates could rise even higher, says Ted Rossman, Credit card analyzer for, which … Read more